Zombie Halloween Costumes for Adults using Colored Contacts

Homemade Halloween Costumes

Zombie outfits are some of the easiest homemade Halloween costumes as all you really need is some old clothes. Try to use items that are a few sizes too big and visit a charity or thrift store if you have nothing available at home.

Start by tearing holes in shorts and trousers and fray the ends of sleeves and pants with a pair of scissors. Next take the clothes outside and stamp on them to add dust and dirt, just like the clothes have come out of a grave.

Finally add plenty of fake blood using either red paint or food coloring and while the clothes are drying, take some old shoes that are ready for the dustbin, cut holes in the front and make them look as old and tattered as possible.

Scary Contact Lenses for Halloween

Make-up comes next but for those who want the ultimate zombie look, scary contact lenses with a spiral or red eye effect are available both for people who wear lenses for vision correction and also for those with perfect eyesight; in this case simply choose colored contacts called plano lenses which have zero power.

Put your zombie contact lenses in before applying make-up as particles of face paint or other make-up could adhere to the lens, making the lenses uncomfortable to wear. Be sure to wear lenses for no longer than 8 hours as Halloween contacts are thicker than ordinary soft lenses plus remember to clean and disinfect zombie contact lenses properly after use.

Zombie Make-up for Halloween

Now comes the fun part as almost anything goes when it comes to zombie make-up for Halloween. You can either paint your face white or cream using either face paint or pale foundation powder, or go for that fresh-from-the-grave look by mixing black and white face paint together for an ashen color. Add dark circles under eyes using black eyeliner, smudging it to create a hollow look.

If you are feeling creative, add some scabs and scars using a Facepaintingtips.com tip to mix lipstick, cornflour, powdered gelatin and syrup together. Apply the scabs using a paint brush or cotton bud, remembering to let the mixture cool before application.

Finally liberally apply red face paint, fake blood from a joke shop or red lipstick diluted with water and a little cornflour all over the upper body concentrating on the neck, mouth and face. If you’re doing this at the last minute and don’t have any face paint or red lipstick, use anything red, bearing in mind that things like red food coloring may take some time to remove after the Halloween party!

Dress like a Zombie for Halloween

Become a real zombie this Halloween by adding colored Halloween contact lenses to a homemade costume that is easy to pull together in a couple of hours. Just remember to order zombie contact lenses well in advance and try wearing them before the party to ensure they are comfortable.

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