Wooden Christmas Ornaments to Buy Online: Turned Wood, Handmade

Wooden Christmas tree ornaments are natural, long-lasting, and attractive decorations for any Christmas tree, from homespun to modern urban. Online retailers offer many styles and sizes of wood Christmas ornaments, including one-of-a-kind homemade ornaments.

Following is a sample of some of the many wood Christmas ornaments sold online.

Wooden Sled Christmas Ornament From Mountain Boy Sleds

In addition to making full-size, handcrafted wooden sleds, Mountain Boy Sledworks in Silverton, Colo., also sells miniature versions of their signature wooden sleds as Christmas tree ornaments. Choose from a Classic Flyer (pictured above), a toboggan, a Yankee Clipper, and many others. Laser engraving is available to create a personalized wooden Christmas ornament. Price for each ornament: $12.99. Engraving is $4.99. Shipping within the continental U.S. is $2.99.

Cardinal Turned Wood Christmas Ornament From RodsandHandles.com

Steve Peck of RodsandHandles.com makes stunning hand-lathed wood fishing rod handles. His Stillwater, Minn., woodworking studio, however, also turns out pretty handmade decorative items, such as the Cardinal Wood Ornament. Measuring three inches in length and made of cedar wood, the bright red male cardinal sits on a branch that the artist has etched into the wood and hand painted. Price: $16.99. Shipping varies.

Sea Urchin Wood Christmas Ornament From Etsy.com

Land and ocean meet in the Green Sea Urchin Wood Ornament from Timberturner’s Etsy store. The dried sea urchin features white and green stripes and a delicately textured surface. Curvy, hand-turned red bloodwood hangs below the urchin and a cap made of the same wood attaches to the top for hanging. Measurements: 3 ¼” wide by 5 ¼” long. Price: $45. Shipping starts at $6.

Wood Snowflake Christmas Ornament Set From The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store

The delicate poplar plywood Wooden Snowflake Christmas Ornament Set from The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store feature designs based on art in the museum’s collection. One design mimics a photograph by American Wilson A. Bentley, the photographer who first captured snowflakes on film. Price: $25. Shipping starts at $7.95.

Handmade Small Wood Christmas Tree Ornament From Etsy.com

The Littlewoodpeople Etsy shop also sells Little Wood Christmas Trees as holiday ornaments. These 3 ½” tall wood trees are hand decorated with colored pencils and sealed with an acrylic finish. Choose from four color combinations. Price for one tree: $20. Shipping is $3.

Storing Wooden Ornaments

Wrap thin, laser-cut wood ornaments and other delicate ornaments in a protective layer of tissue and stack on top of heavier ornaments or keep them in their own box. Thick, turned hardwood ornaments are sturdier, although some designs have long dangling spindles that may snap off if stored improperly.

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