Wooden Christmas Advent Calendars to Buy: Nativity, Xmas Tree

Starting on December 1st, children and adults alike enjoy counting down to Christmas day with the help of an advent calendar. Online retailers offer sturdy wooden advent calendars, that will last for many holiday seasons and range from whimsical to simple.

Wooden Castle Advent Calendar from HearthSong

Bright primary colors set this Wooden Castle Advent Calendar from HearthSong apart from typical red-and-green advent calendars. Snow-capped turrets sit atop a bright yellow castle with 24 small doors that represent the days before Christmas. Each door hides a small compartment just big enough to hide a tiny treat. The castle advent calendar stands 17” tall by 11 ½” wide and 2 ¼” deep. Price: $59.98. Shipping starts at $11.99.

Woodland Cabin Wooden Advent Calendar from Gardener’s Supply Company

The humble, cozy Woodland Cabin Advent Calendar from Gardener’s Supply Company, includes 23 magnetic doors that open to reveal tiny woodland animals. Another larger door opens up to a tiny Christmas wreath. Created from wood and resin, the cabin Christmas advent calendar measures 14″ wide by 9″ deep by 14-1/2″ high and sits on a rotating base. Price: $79.97. Shipping starts at $14.40.

Handmade Nativity Wooden Advent Calendar from Etsy

The handmade Nativity Wooden Advent Calendar from the Wooden Creations Etsy store, is actually an interlocking wooden puzzle that stands on its own when completed. Start putting together the pieces one at a time on Dec. 1 and the final piece will complete the puzzle on Dec. 25. Wooden Creations will send buyers a photo that explains the order in which the puzzle is assembled. The cherry wood advent calendar is finished in Danish oil and measures 11” by 8”. Price: $80. Shipping starts at $9.

Wood Christmas Tree Advent Calendar from Gump’s

At a roomy 3 inches deep, the Christmas Tree Wood Advent Calendar from Gump’s can fit multiple pieces of candy or other gifts in its 24 compartments. Each door features a tiny handle in the shape of a Christmas tree ornament and numbered with the date. This advent calendar stands on its own on a table or mantle and measures 18″ wide by 3″ deep by 20″ high. Price: $75. Shipping starts at $14.

Wooden Advent Calendar from Target

The simple Wooden Advent Calendar from Target is decked out in red, white, and cream and has 25 doors with individual nooks for treats and gifts. The calendar stands on its own and is 12.1” high by 10″ wide by 3″ deep. Price: $29.99. Shipping varies.

Wooden or Cloth Hanging Advent Calendar?

Choose a wooden advent calendar if you have room on a table or mantle to display this functional and fun holiday decoration. A cloth calendar may have more room in its pockets or compartments for larger toys and goodies.

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