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Where to Buy Bug Halloween Candy Online: Find Edible Insect Candy, Gummy Bug Candy Creepy Halloween Treats

Creep out Halloween party guests and trick or treaters with fun novelty candy treats like edible insect candy containing real ants or scorpions or gummy candies shaped like everything from slimy worms to hairy tarantulas. Read on to find the best places online to find scary and gross bug candy for Halloween party favors, Halloween decorations, and Halloween trick or treat bags, with recommendations pointing out some of the creepiest and most unique kinds of insect candy.

Purchase Gross Gummy Bug Candy at Candy Warehouse

Look for gross gummy bug candy in the fun novelty candy treats section of Candy Warehouse online. From realistic gummi worms that are brown and slimy like real earthworms to chocolate bugs like Harry Potter Fudge Flies Candy to wriggly gummy tarantula spiders candy, Candy Warehouse sells candy insect treats in a variety of bug shapes and flavors, made from many different types of sweet candy. (For lovers of vermin and pestilence, they also sell creepy gummy rats.)


  • Fear Factor Gummy Bug Skewers, which are scary extreme candy treats consisting of realistic looking gummi bugs stuck on a stick.
  • Fear Factor Candy Worm Coffins, which are gross gummy worms packed in sour lemon ice tea candy dirt that looks just like real soil.

Find Tart Candy Bug Treats and Fun Gummy Bugs at Candy Crate

The bug candy section at Candy Crate online is stocked with cute candy bugs, like brightly colored fruit-flavored Gummy Sweetart Bugs or colorful bulk sour gummy worms. Candy Crate also stocks edible insect candy from Hotlix, like tequila flavored worm suckers, scorpion candy, and bug lollipops with real crickets frozen inside the candy.


  • The Bug City Candy Jar, which is full of pastel-colored tart candy bug treats.
  • Lightning Bug Candy, or cute and fun gummy bugs that can be illuminated when touched by the included Magic Tong.
  • Creepy Confections Grimy Grubs, or soft gummi candies shaped like grubs.

Edible Insect Candy and Bug Lollipops at Hotlix

For the ultimate creep factor, surprise unsuspecting trick-or-treaters or Halloween party guests with candy made with real insects. The Hotlix website sells edible insect candy such as ant candy, scorpion lollipops, and butterfly candy. For a creepy crunchy Halloween party food, they also sell flavored worm snacks and Cricket Snax.


  • Ant Candy, hard candy with real ants stuck inside to make each creepy bug candy treat look like a miniature ant farm.
  • Flavored scorpion suckers, with each scorpion lollipop available in flavors like banana, strawberry, and apple.

Unique Bug Halloween Candy at Oriental Trading Company

Find a small selection of unique bug candy for Halloween at Oriental Trading Company online. For a fun treat for trick or treaters, pair spooky Halloween products from Oriental Trading Company like the Cobweb Cotton Candy Treat Packs and the Spider Sacks spider candy (scary plastic spiders that, when squeezed, squirt out red liquid candy and white chocolate spider eggs). They also sell gummy candy bugs and crunchy candy bugs.


  • Realistic Gummy Bugs, which are fruit-flavored gummy novelty candy bugs shaped like flies, beetles, caterpillars, and spiders. They would make great treats for Halloween trick or treat bags or cute edible decorations on top of Halloween desserts like spooky cupcakes.
  • Crunchy Tarantulas, which have detailed outsides painted realistically dark colors and soft oozy chocolate marshmallow centers.

Best Creepy Bug Candy for Halloween

After visiting Candy Warehouse, Candy Crate, and Hotlix, and Oriental Trading Company, Halloween shoppers will be sure to find the best creepy bug candy for Halloween. From edible insect candy to gummy candies like gummy worms and crawly gummy spider candy, novelty candy insect treats shaped like bugs or made with bugs and other creepy-crawly animals make perfect scary and creepy Halloween treats for Halloween trick or treat bags and parties.

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