Veterans Day Activities: Fun Family Ideas to Honor Veterans

Veterans Day, November 11 in the United States, is a time to honor veterans of United States conflicts. The following ideas offer educational, meaningful ways to honor veterans for the whole family.<br />
Veterans Day Activities at Home<br />
Celebrating Veteran’s Day at home is easy with some thoughtful ways to honor family members and friends who may be veterans.<br />
Offer a gift, such as a balloon, homemade card, or cake, to a favorite veteran in the family.<br />
Host a dinner party on Veterans Day to honor a veteran and invite his/her family and friends.<br />
Ask a family member or family friend who is a veteran to share stories of his/her time in the service, if he/she is comfortable doing so. Spend time looking at medals, cards, or other mementos the veteran may share from his/her time in service.<br />
Watch a documentary film about a U.S. war to learn more about what veterans may have experienced.<br />
Ask an older family member about other family members who have been veterans and learn how many generations have been in the family.<br />
Veterans Day Activities in the Community<br />
The local community offers many ways to honor veterans. The following ideas tap into local resources to celebrate Veterans Day.<br />
Visit a local cemetery and take a long walk, searching for graves of veterans or a memorial to a particular war. See how many different U.S. wars are represented in the cemetery.<br />
Attend a VFW ceremony or other community event to honor veterans. Stay afterwards and say thank you to veterans and their families in attendance.<br />
Volunteer at a local veteran’s hospital.<br />
If religious, attend a special service in honor of veterans.<br />
Place flowers at the base of a memorial in a cemetery, city park, or other public place. Have a picnic or coffee there, too, to celebrate the men and women the memorial honors.<br />
Virtual Veterans Day Activities <br />
A wealth of resources and opportunities to honor and learn about Veterans Day exist online. The following ideas use online resources to honor veterans.<br />
Honor a veteran by submitting his/her war stories to the Library of Congress’s Veteran’s History Project.<br />
Take a virtual tour of Washington D.C.’s National Mall to explore the war memorials.<br />
Research adopt a soldier programs online and apply to offer support and encouragement as a family.<br />
Veterans Day Activities to Honor Future Veterans<br />
Future veterans are serving in the armed services in every community. The following activities encourage meeting and supporting these armed services professionals.<br />
Bake cookies or other goodies and share them with a local armed services group. Ask for a tour of the facility, and thank everyone there for his/her service.<br />
Write a letter to local government officials in favor of increased funding for veterans’ benefits for current soldiers, or other legislation that effects those who have served.<br />
Write or email thank you notes to family members or friends of the family who are serving currently.<br />
Adopt a soldier serviing abroad through a local military group or online.<br />
The purpose of Veterans Day- honoring veterans- comes alive as any family celebrates with a simple activity or outing.<br />
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