Using Hobbies to Turn Halloween Parties into Extra Income

By advertising services at local schools, churches, daycares, etc. it is possible to turn the love of Halloween, parties, games, and children into a way to make money from home. For those who believe hobbies are not something that can make money, think again! This time of year is especially a great time to put some extra cash in the bank.

Halloween Party Ideas to Earn Extra Income

Having a building or house where parties can be held can open up opportunities for extra income. Advertise locally that a new Party Place will be opening. Decorate for Fall and Halloween before opening will save time and money. Use the same decorations for each party altering only for specific reasons. Young children’s parties might need to be decorated less scary than an older child or adult party.

Keep the decorations simple and use white lights for lighting as they give a more mystical feel than regular lighting. Set up a corner of the building or different room, if available, for taking Halloween or Fall pictures. Photography is a terrific hobby to use to earn extra income. Take the pictures yourself or have a friend take them receiving a small profit from each package sold.

Keep a notebook handy to jot down names and phone numbers. Instead of delivering the printed pictures, have a date set for people to come to the party building to pick up pictures. Have only one or two packages available such as: one 5×7 and two 3x5s or one 8×10 and two 5x7s. The packages should be purchased at the party before the pictures are taken.

Party Ideas for Halloween

Have a Halloween costume parade. Set up a “stage” for the children/adults to walk across. The stage does not need to be a real stage just resemble one. Let everyone cheer and take pictures while an announcer tells their name and what costume they are wearing.

A favorite Halloween tradition is to carve pumpkins. The party goers can bring their own carved pumpkin to the party for display. Have a section set up just for carved pumpkins. When the contestants arrive, have them write their name on a list along side a number the pumpkin will be assigned. Set up pumpkins on display and later have a secret voting contest with ballots to choose the winner.

If it is a large party with a lot of pumpkin entries, have categories such as: spooky, traditional, funny, etc. The winners can have their picture taken with the winning pumpkin for free as a reward or give away a new pumpkin carving kit as the prize. Another way is to offer a 50/50 pot where each pumpkin entry cost $5.00 and the winner will receive half of the pot money.

Simple Games for Halloween Parties

Grow or purchase mini pumpkins. These can be used for games at the party and taken home as party favors when the party is over. Have children/adults stand in a circle. Hand one or two mini pumpkins to a child in the circle. Play music, preferably spooky music, and have the children pass the pumpkins to the person beside them. Let the children pass the pumpkins until the music stops. The child holding the pumpkin when the music stops is out for the round. Keep going until only one child is left. Have a special hat or ribbon to give the winner.

Another easy game is to purchase or grow a medium to large pumpkin. Place the pumpkin in the middle of the room. Divide children into two to four groups depending on the number of kids. Give each group a different colored hoop. Let the children take turns trying to toss the hoop over the pumpkin. The group who has “ringed” the pumpkin the most wins.

Keep things simple and think about offering food and drinks or allow the party goers to bring their own. By serving food and drinks more money can be charge for each party, but there will also be more work involved. A quick snack that can be served is roasted pumpkin seeds or a mix of candy corn, milk chocolate chips, peanuts, and mellow crème pumpkins

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