Top Christmas Games: Fun Action & Board Game Gift Ideas

Parents looking for ideas for board and action games to give as presents this Xmas may want to check out the Toy Retailers Association’s list of top 12 games. Released every year, this list often predicts the hottest toys and games in the UK for the holiday season. What are the top Christmas games?

Top Christmas Games for Pre-school Children

The TRA’s game category this year contains five products targeted at the pre-school market. These games may go down well with the under-fives. They all have an action focus that can help keep younger children engaged and keep them from getting bored.

  • Elefun: This fun game involves an elephant blowing butterflies into the air. The winner needs to catch as many of them as possible in the special nets provided. The RRP is £14.99.
  • Gator Golf: This is a mini golf game (RRP £14.99) that could help foster motor control. Putt the ball into the gator’s mouth and he’ll throw it back out of his tail.
  • Jolly Octopus: The octopus in this 3D game (£16.99) is protecting coloured crabs. You need to pluck them out from under his moving legs, taking care not to touch him or he’ll giggle!
  • Pig Goes Pop: Players need to feed burgers to the pig and pump up his stomach. Once he starts to get full, his coat will start to take the strain and you have to try and avoid being the one to make it pop. The recommended retail price is £16.99.
  • Pumpaloons: The aim here is to be the first to pump up an inflatable creature working either on your own or in a team (RRP £19.99).

Parents looking for games for older kids this Christmas, or a board game that all the family can enjoy, will find plenty of options on the rest of the TRA list.

Top Christmas Family Board Games

There are some new versions of traditional board games listed this year along with some new products. It may be worth checking out:

  • Best of British: This was created by the manufacturers of the hit LOGO board game. It is based on recognising things that are inherently British (RRP £29.99).
  • Harry Potter Hogwarts: This Lego game (£24.99) works on a “build and play” basis. To win, you have the be the first character to get back to your common room with your homework.
  • Monopoly Revolution: For the first time, Monopoly (£29.99) can be played on a circular board that comes with music and light effects.
  • Scrabble Trickster: This new version of Scrabble (£19.99) integrates a Trick square that allows players to break the rules.
  • Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It: This new version (£29.99) involves every player in every turn by allowing bets to be made on whether questions will be answered correctly or not.

The last two games included in this list are electronics based.

Top Christmas Electronic Games for Kids

This year, kids could be playing a new variation on the popular Boggle game. Boggle Flash (£24.99) uses individual electronic tiles that work on a smart recognition system as words are created. Hasbro’s Cuponk (£12.99) involves getting balls into a cup. This may sound simple but, to win, you’ll have to use some nifty trick shots.

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