Tips and Ideas on Making Santa Real for Kids at Christmas or Yule

Making kids believe in Santa Claus can be fun. Watching their expression as they listen and think they hear bells or reindeer on the roof can be elating and joyous. Their curiosity has them trying to sleep on the couch or sneak out of their bedrooms to sneak a peak at Santa. Then come morning, despite all their efforts, he is magic and appeared without their notice! “How does he do that,” they ask. Parents can just smile and enjoy the innocence of youth and their love of magic and imagination.

Get Excited with the Kids about Seeing Santa

Share in their excitement. That’s key. Children sense and feel the emotions around them. If they sense their parents are excited too, that will only encourage and add to their own. Of course the kids are the main target but what will Santa bring mom and/or dad? Be encouraging and help their imagination. If they come running to tell you they saw a sleigh in the sky or hear the bells of the reindeer, go along with it. What can it hurt?

Establish Rules for Secrecy about Santa While Making it All Part of the Ruse

Growing up, there was never an option of trying to stay up and meet Santa at the tree. As kids, we were always told that Santa would not come until we were snug in our beds and asleep. Dang it! Of course he’s magic so pretending to be asleep won’t work either. By setting this up, it creates the excited and nervous atmosphere for the kids and gives the parents a safe time to lay the gifts and fill the stockings.

Lock the door(s) or have a look out. If getting dressed up in the big ol’ Santa suit isn’t an option or really desired, just make sure the kids can’t sneak out of their rooms or if they do, someone is there to put them straight back to bed before seeing anything they should not. Make sure to have at least one present for the parent(s) or guardians. This negates the uncomfortable question from kids too smart for their own good, “Wasn’t mommy or daddy good this year?”

Wrap with Different Paper, Tags and Hide the Gifts Well

Use different wrapping paper, bows and tags than the gifts from family. How ironic for Santa to have the same wrapping paper as the parents. Not really. For the smaller kids, they may be too young to really notice, care or pay attention but as they get older, their curious little minds work wonders. Be a step ahead of them.

Hide the presents well. The year we stopped believing was the year we found some presents, kept our mouths shut and loh’ and behold, those were the presents from Santa. Be careful. Kids are curious, curious and more curious come this time of year. Hide them well, lock them away, hide them at a neighbors. Anything to make sure the kids won’t happen across them.

Milk and Cookies or Other Treats for Santa on Christmas Eve

Milk and cookies or the the idea thereof. Whether it’s milk, eggnog or some other kind of kid friendly beverage that will stay good overnight, have the kids put some treats out for Santa. It can be something as simple as Oreo’s or an activity with the kids where they make and decorate sugar cookies. Santa Claus has a long way to travel and enjoys being able to snack along the way. Plus, this just adds a little more proof to his existence and visit to the house.

Make sure to drink about half or all of the beverage and eat or otherwise hide some of the cookies. This adds to the truth that he was there and appreciated their thoughtfulness. As a kid, that was the first place we went to. “Mom, dad, he ate them!” We were so excited and pleased that he liked our gift. We even had a special Santa mug and plate for that one night of the year.

Holidays can Be Magical and Fun with Santa

Santa, real or not, brings about something different for children. It gets their imaginations working. The north pole, flying reindeer, Rudolph, a magic sleigh, Santa’s bag that has all these presents for children all around the world. It’s simple, innocent fun. Sure they will grow out of it eventually but until then, it’s such a magical time to be a kid.

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