Throw an Original Halloween Party: Ideas for Hosting a Themed Holiday Get-Together

Halloween is one of the most entertaining holidays, if it can be considered a holiday, because of the costumes, decorations and endless potential for fun. It can be an unpredictable day so why throw a predictable party? Hosting a party people will remember takes original ideas, some well thought out planning and a few simple Halloween party supplies.

Party Planning Ideas

To throw a memorable Halloween party the trick is to think original. Anyone can host a costume party with typical Halloween decorations and props and some bowls of candy. It takes planning and creativity to throw a themed party. A lot of people will still want to dress up, that is where all the fun is, but when throwing a themed party ask guests dress according to the party premise.

Once the theme for the party has been decided on keep it in the forefront for making the rest of the preparations. Anything to do with the get together should be tightly focused around the decided theme, even before the party begins. Send Halloween party invitations a few weeks in advance that correspond visually with the theme. Outline in the invitations that it will be a themed party and that guests are encouraged to dress according to that theme.

Themed Party Ideas

Deciding to throw a themed Halloween party and planning around it is the easy part, coming up with a unique theme can prove to be a little more difficult. It doesn’t have to be anything too wild, just something that will stand out and can provide several costume and decoration ideas.

For inspiration when coming up with an idea for a theme look to favorite movies, time periods or cultures of the world. It would be fun for guests to find costumes for a superhero or a Japanese inspired get together and be submerged in a setting that creates an atmosphere linked to their image for the evening. It gives everyone a fun way to connect during the party and the possibilities are endless.

Halloween Party Supplies

Purchasing or creating supplies for a themed Halloween party takes a little more thought than finding them for a typical one. The basic orange and black colours and scary decorations won’t apply here. It’s time to think outside the box and find props that correspond well with the party theme. For a basic example, the party could have a simple Canadian theme. For that, guests would come dressed as typical Canadian stereotypes such as mounted police, Eskimos and lumber jacks, to name a few.

The party space could be decorated with red and white, Canadian flags and what would appear to be the contents of a log cabin. The food served at the party could be a variation of maple candies, meals like poutine and appetizers made with Canadian bacon or desserts like nanaimo bars. For beverages Canadian brewed beer and cocktails made with Canadian whisky could be served.

All items and decorations portray a genuine feeling of the theme, making the party an original and unconventional Halloween experience for guests and host alike.

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