Three Top Christmas Toys for Children who Love Science and Nature

Every parent searches for that perfect Christmas gift for their child. Kids are happiest when they’re entertained and for the science-loving kid, that wow factor can make Christmas. Consider placing these three scientific toys on his or her, holiday wish list.

The Perfume Science Kit by Thames and Kosmos

Obviously geared towards girls, this kit offers eight perfume oils that can be blended into countless different combinations, all of which I’m sure, Mom will have to try. If you don’t mind the nasal assault, then this perfume kit allows girls to develop their own custom-scent.

Now some parents might see this as a tad risky, but the kit does teach your child about the science and art of perfumery while strengthening their knowledge of chemistry and biology. As children learn that the sense of both smell and taste are regulated by the brain, of benefit to parents, is the fact that they might not need to replace the air freshener for quite some time.


  • ages: 10 +
  • price: $59.95 with $7.95 shipping surcharge at
  • tip:’s price is $53.99 + $6.95 shipping
  • suggestion: oils can ruin furniture so prepare for that

MythBusters Science Kits – The Complete Set by the Discovery Channel

What kid doesn’t love MythBusters on the Discovery Channel? The antics of Jamie and Adam as they try to uncover the science behind urban legends now allows kids to do the same with this 4-part set based upon the series. Included is the Force of Flight Kit where children can build and pilot their own helicopter as they explore myths such as, will astronauts explode if they don’t wear spacesuits?

The Power of Air Pressure Kit introduces the deadly belch while in the Weird World of Water Science Kit, kids can examine whether there is hot water at the North Pole and discover the secrets of walking on water. The Science of Sports Kit shares the role of science in sports; how do curve balls curve and the theory of the “big bounce.” These 4 kits together will keep kids busy for hours.


  • ages 9 +
  • price: individually the set can be bought through for $72.85
  • tip: has a heck of a deal on the complete set right now for $59.99 + $6.95 shipping
  • the science theories are explained well and easy-to-follow and kids shouldn’t have any problems doing the experiments themselves

Discovery Praying Mantis Encounter an Exclusive by the Discovery Channel

Imagine show and tell. What kid that wouldn’t seriously love showing off a praying mantis? This set comes complete with habitat and a mail-in coupon for praying mantis eggs and food, which happen to be wingless fruit flies. The netting habitat offers a 360-degree view for kids to interact and watch the praying mantis hunt its prey. With a little care, an entire family of mantises can be hatched and may even reproduce.

Being an adult I thought this was cool, imagine what your kid will think? If you trust your kid enough to be responsible, then what better gift is there for the nature and science lover? In fact, parents might even get excited about this one too, creating a great joint family project.


  • ages 8 +
  • price: $19.95 at, is a small price to pay for show and tell bragging rights
  • tips: it’s always worth noting that sometimes the female praying mantis will eat the male after breeding. Warn the kids and parents, don’t panic if one goes missing. As an insect, mantises do not have a long lifespan, but they can be replaced or may reproduce
  • suggestion: parents now have a use for those fruit flies that kids hatch from forgotten moldy fruit left in backpacks. Have the kids research caring for these unique insects before the eggs arrive

Kids bore quickly and finding them gifts that last long after the holidays are over can be difficult. These toys will nurture the science-loving kid and develop an interest that may last a lifetime. What science gifts for kids have you found that were interesting and welcomed? Share your successful stories with other parents in the comments section below and have a look at these newly released games from LEGO®.

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