Three-Day Weekends – Dates Observed, Post Office Holidays

Three day weekends offer the perfect opportunity to plan vacations or other activities with family and friends, as many people can easily get off work on these longer weekends.<br />
In this article, learn 2010 dates for commonly observed long weekends in the United States, ideas for fun things to do on holidays that occur in warmer months, and where to find information on mail delivery holidays.<br />
U.S. Three Day Weekends in 2010 – Common Dates of Observance<br />
Below are nine commonly observed three day weekends for 2010 in the United States:<br />
New Year’s Weekend – Friday, January 1st – Sunday, January 3rd<br />
Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend – Saturday, January 16th – Monday, January 18th<br />
Presidents Day Weekend – Saturday, February 13th – Monday, February 15th<br />
Easter Weekend – Friday, April 2nd (Good Friday) – Sunday, April 4th<br />
Memorial Day Weekend – Saturday, May 29th – Monday, May 31st<br />
Fourth of July Weekend – Saturday, July 3rd – Monday, July 5th<br />
Labor Day Weekend – Saturday, September 4th – Monday, September 6th<br />
Columbus Day Weekend – Saturday, October 9th – Monday, October11th<br />
Christmas Weekend – Friday, December 24th – Sunday, December 26th<br />
Good Friday is not a federal government holiday in the United States; however, many employers give employees this day off in observance of Easter. Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday; however, while some companies automatically include a day off on Friday in their corporate holiday calendars, other companies make employees take a day of vacation if they want that day off.<br />
Fun Activities for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day Weekends <br />
Longer weekends off work offer the perfect opportunity to plan events that require attendees to travel long distances. The weekends above that occur in the warmer spring, summer, and fall months are ideal for outdoor events.<br />
Here are four things to consider doing on warmer three-day weekends:<br />
Block party<br />
Camping trip<br />
Destination wedding<br />
Family reunion.<br />
Just remember to make any necessary reservations well in advance, as many others may have the same ideas, especially camping on Memorial Day weekend and around the 4th of July.<br />
2010 Post Office Holidays – Days with No Mail Delivery <br />
The information in this article can be used to plan out an annual vacation schedule in 2010 without charging much vacation time. Those looking to maximize time off without dipping into vacation time should try to plan vacations around government- or company-mandated holidays.<br />
Anyone who wishes to conduct business as usual over a three-day weekend may be interested in learning about postal holidays (as the post office is closed on most federal holidays that fall on a week days). To learn about 2010 mail delivery holidays and which days the mail likely won’t run in 2011 as well, see the article <br />
<br />

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