Three Cheap Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids: Inexpensive Easy-to-Make Black Cat, Robot, Forest Sprite Costume

Ever wonder how to make a great costume for a kid on a budget? Short on time, money, or lack the ability to sew? With some great costume ideas from Handmade Halloween by Country Living, any child can be outfitted in a stylish, contemporary Halloween costume in no time.

These three easy-to-make costumes take little labor, few supplies (that can usually be found around the house or purchased cheaply at a craft store), and inspire creativity.

Robot Costume

Starting with a cardboard box, cut out three holes: one in the bottom large enough for the head, and two on either side for the arm holes. The cardboard box can then be spray painted silver or wrapped in aluminum foil for a shiny exterior. Controls, or knobs, can be affixed down the front of the box with various items that can be found around the house, such as buttons, circles cut out of construction paper, small cups, or even by drawing them on with a marker.

For the head, use a paper bag that is spray painted silver and cut out eye holes. Square features can be drawn on the bag directly with a marker, and antennas can be affixed to the top of the bag made out of pipe cleaners.

Black Cat Costume

For a black cat costume, start with all black clothing. A black long sleeve turtleneck with black bottoms (yoga pants, tights, sweatpants) complete the base of this costume. To make a tail, use a pair of black tights and stuff one leg with old rags or socks, and pin the tail to the bottoms.

To make ears, use a dark colored headband and attach two triangles cut out of construction paper. A black eye mask can cover the eyes (purchased separately or made out of construction paper), and whiskers can be painted on using black eyeliner or Halloween make-up.

Forest Sprite Costume

For a look that combines cloth with nature, try this simple costume. Using brown clothing (can be dyed with a product such as RIT), such as a turtleneck and leggings, attach large fall leaves with hot glue, pins, or a stapler. Using an old brown or black headband, attach large fall leaves with glue. For the face, using Halloween make-up, paint a brown face, green circles around the eyes, and a white mouth.

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