Things to Do in Toronto on Halloween

Every major city hosts a slew of Halloween celebrations. Every year families and adults look for ways to celebrate the holiday. For most people a quiet night at home either with friends or family is usually an option enjoying each other’s company and whatever televised broadcasts are prepared for the season. For others however the city nightlife calls and many look to the night of Halloween and the night before as a night of fun and excitement.

Toronto itself has some wonderful events for families and adults to enjoy the Halloween festivities.

For Families on Halloween

Most families don’t consider taking their children out on Halloween beyond the traditional trick or treat in their local neighborhood. Of course not all families live in conventional neighborhoods and some families might decide to head out for an unforgettable experience on Halloween. As a result they might look to other events for fun and excitement.

  • First of all Black Creek Pioneer Village is hosting a Howling Hootenanny on October 23rd to the 24th and the 30th to the 31st. These include several stage shows over the course of those days as well as their Haunted Maze, Pumpkin Decorating, Trick or Treat event and much more.
  • Casa Loma will also be holding a variety of events for families including Ghost Hunting and Pumpkin Carving.
  • Canada’s Wonderland is offering Camp Spooky including a Treasure Hunt, a Charlie Brown Themed Trick or Treat as well as a new live show.

This is in addition to the events occurring at the Toronto Botanical Gardens, at the various Pumpkin Patches or the Toronto Zoo all aimed for quality children’s entertainment.

For Adults on Halloween

For young couples and singles Toronto remains a city with a vivid nightlife and an unparalleled club scene. It only stands to reason that the Halloween festivities in the city would be as exciting. Adults looking to socialize or be terrified on Halloween have a wide variety of options available to them.

  • As always the Rue Morgue will be hosting its annual Halloween Party which is always a packed event on the dance floor showcased along with their own brand of Halloween entertainment.
  • Paramount Canada’s Wonderland will showcase the famous Halloween Haunt every weekend this month from 7pm until Midnight.
  • Also the Jubilee Queen Cruise Line is hosting a Halloween Cruise on both the 29th and 30th in Toronto Harbor.
  • Last but certainly not least is the great Toronto Zombie Walk on October 23rd celebrating the eighth anniversary of the event.

With all of these events Toronto promises to be an exciting and fun place this Halloween. All that remains is which of these fine events to choose from.

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