The Best Christmas Gifts for Women

With the holiday season around the corner, many of us become preoccupied with finding the right Christmas gifts for those we care about. It’s not easy to find a thoughtful present that conveys how we feel about the people in our lives. However, any woman will be happy with a gift that reminds her that those closest to her know and appreciate her.

The Naughty Gift

Even if they’re on the nice list this year, most women will love a naughty gift. Lingerie stores are, not surprisingly, most visited during the holiday season. Since few presents have such a strong impact as intimate apparel, these venues are especially recommended to men shopping for their life partners.

While in ancient and medieval times lingerie was designed mainly to conceal and confine the female body, today it is aimed at adorning women, at accentuating and enhancing their curves and their sexuality.

A nice lace slip or a silk babydoll can replace the usual cotton pajamas, giving a woman’s night ritual a festive air (and her partner a visual treat). A garter skirt or a red-hot corset can put her in a playful mood, making her feel extremely young and fresh. The right bra (don’t forget to go for a push-up or lacy version) shapes her figure flatteringly, playing up her natural appeal, while a discrete thong can make her feel like she’s keeping a sexy secret. Silk night gowns and satin jackets are great alternatives for classical, more conservative ladies.

Lingerie is no longer a clothing item; it has become a state of mind. If you are a man looking for the perfect holiday present for your significant other, this sexy little gift will not only put a smile on her face, it will also renew your relationship, adding a playful edge to it. What better way to make her feel beautiful and wanted than to show her – with ruffles, bows and laces – that she is the only Christmas gift you want for yourself?

The Elegant Gift

When shopping for a lady, you can never go wrong with an elegant gift like a piece of jewelry or a trendy scarf.

Jewelry has long represented the gift of choice for special occasions. Although we live in a society that contends that “bigger is better”, many women are still hoping to find that small box underneath the tree on Christmas morning. A silver-plated bracelet or a pair of earrings adorned with semi precious stones could be the perfect gift for a daughter or a sister, while a mother or a wife would most likely appreciate a necklace that compliments her stylish holiday outfits. A luscious necklace has that magic ability to make a woman feel like a princess at any age.

At Christmastime, you could put a smile on grandma’s face by giving her an elegant watch or a pair of earrings that may resemble the long-lost cascade earrings she used to wear in her youth. Your considerate gift will make her feel loved, while also awakening precious memories.

Jewelry, which comes in all shapes, sizes and materials, is a gift for any holiday budget. Whether crafted in gold, platinum or sterling silver, bejeweled with diamonds or semi precious gems, trinkets can make a woman feel distinguished and elegant. It is, however, essential to make a selection that matches the woman’s personality, age and taste.

Scarves are a safe choice when shopping for a woman whose taste and style you are not so familiar with, such as an aunt, a mother-in-law or the mother of a new girlfriend. From the casualness of flower-imprint scarves to the velvety glamour of evening scarves, the choices are abundant. Moreover, many scarves come in neutral colors which compliment any outfit.

The Useful Gift

Holidays are a time for relaxation and celebration. However, many busy women appreciate Christmas gifts that could make their lives easier, items that their budgets or schedules didn’t allow them to purchase.

If your wife or girlfriend has been talking about getting a blender or a cappuccino maker, this might be the moment to buy it for her. If you are living on a generous budget, you could throw in a hot tub as well (a gift you will both enjoy). Small appliances, gardening kits and home decor items are also suitable gifts for mothers, grandmothers and aunts.

The women in your life will appreciate a gift that caters to their needs and shows you have been listening to them. However, if you are a man shopping for your life partner, make sure to add a more personal – naughty or elegant – gift, which will make her feel more like a woman and less like a housewife.

The Entertaining Gift

For a woman with cultural and artistic inclinations, tickets to a play, musical or concert are the ultimate gift. Taking your daughter to see her favorite artist in concert or your wife to the latest Broadway sensation could be the highlight of their holidays. Nothing brightens the season like attending a special event with someone you love.

If you don’t live close to a lively cultural center, plan a special trip to one of the big cities in order to satisfy her hunger for culture. A small budget alternative is attending the special holiday screenings scheduled in movie theaters in most cities during the winter holiday season.

The Gift of Relaxation

After a year of hard work and tight schedules, a weekend at the spa might be just what your lady needs. Facials and aromatherapies are the perfect elixir for relaxation. Since, for most people, getting away for the holidays might not be an option this year, you could schedule a massage for her at one of the local spas. Not only will she feel regenerated, she will also be able to really enjoy this holiday season.

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