The Art of Making Christmas Cards: A Reliable Set of Skills is Essential for Homemade Greeting Cards

Using the following techniques will enable you to enhance your skills and produce better and more creative homemade Christmas cards.

These skills can also be adapted for other innovative designs and ideas for Christmas, and can easily form a basis for more advanced techniques, such as rubber stamping, quilling, sponging, die-cutting, cutting shapes and templates, and machine sewing.

Always remember; safety first. Be sure to handle sharp tools with care and never leave them in easy reach of children.


The quickest and most accurate way to cut paper or card is to use a paper trimmer. Place the paper or card in the paper trimmer and trim to the size required. Alternatively, you can use a craft knife and cutting mat to cut. Measure and mark where you want the cutting line, then place the ruler along the marks and hold firmly in place in one hand while drawing the knife toward you with the other.

Use the grid lines printed on your cutting mat or paper trimmer as guides for cutting to save time measuring.


Use a metal ruler and a sharp HB pencil to mark lightly where you want the cutting line to be at top and bottom of the paper or card.


Place the ruler along the pencil marks and hold firmly in place with one hand – a ruler with a cork base is best. With the other hand, draw a scoring tool along the ruler two or three times, pressing firmly down and against the ruler.


Turn the ruler over so that the cork is uppermost and align with the score line just made. Lift one side of the card up and over the ruler. The ruler edge will assist the fold.


Remove the ruler. Using the flat side of a bone folder, press down firmly all along the folded edge of the card to make a sharp crease.

If you find that the paper or card becomes shiny with the bone folder, place scrap paper over the fold before creasing with the bone folder.

Following these simple techniques will enhance your skills and make your experience of making Christmas cards more enjoyable and fun. By using these practical tips and handy advice you can expand your skills to attempt more complex and sophisticated handicrafts for Christmas, such as making Christmas gift tags and tying decorative bows and ribbons for Christmas presents. This will make your Christmas gifts and ideas more personalised and memorable for loved ones.

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