Teaching Kids to Give at Christmas

Make Christmas more meaningful and less material this holiday season for the family. Here are tips to make this time about giving to others and sharing moments together with friends and family.

Make Homemade Christmas Gifts with Kids

Talk to kids about how gifts are more than about how much a person spends. Make the focus of gift-giving about the thought behind the gift. Especially for younger kids, parents can help them with ideas for homemade Christmas presents. For example, if dad loves chocolate pecan cookies, help the kids make a batch just before Christmas. Parents can set a limit for how much kids spend on family members at Christmas or even set a family tradition where gifts need to be homemade.

Have Kids Write Christmas Cards to Loved Ones

Instead of just a Christmas tag on a gift, encourage kids to give a Christmas card or letter with a message from the heart. Create a family tradition where the child gives compliments and shares positive wishes for other family members. Younger kids will need help with examples and writing out their thoughts. Another idea is to make the cards at home instead of buying them. Also, let kids help with writing Christmas cards to friends and family that are far away.

Make Christmas About Spending Time With Family and Friends

A great gift for Christmas can simply be the magic of spending time together as a family. Go play in the snow together or walk around the neighborhood to check out Christmas lights. If it’s too cold to go out, spend time doing things like making homemade Christmas decorations, singing Christmas songs and playing board games. There are so many things that a family can do to have a good time together. Find some that are particular favorites and make them a tradition each year.

Have Children Help With Donating Clothing and Toys

Make it a family tradition to go through toys with kids and pile up the ones they don’t use or have outgrown. Clean them up and find a local charity, community center or doctor’s office to donate them to. Also go through clothes and winter wear and take out items that the children don’t wear or are too small for them to wear. If there are any blankets or other items that could help with the cold, also bring them to a local charity or shelter that accepts clothes. Talk to kids about how it is important to give toys, clothes and other goods that are in good useable condition.

Make a Christmas Basket as a Family

Not everyone is able to have a Christmas dinner or give presents at Christmas. As a family, make it a tradition to create a Christmas basket of food to donate to the local food bank or to support a charity that provides new presents for kids in the community. Encourage the kids help with creating the shopping list, buying the items and bringing them to the charity. Some families also volunteer at Christmas time to help out in the community, be it the food bank or even just visiting a nearby seniors’ home.

Christmas is about giving and sharing with others. Therefore, parents should try to make giving to others a part of the holiday season. Start by having family traditions where kids give homemade gifts, write meaningful Christmas cards, donate toys and clothes and create a Christmas basket for a family in need.

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