Take a Virtual Ride on Carowinds Intimidator: Southeast’s Longest, Tallest, Fastest Roller Coaster

Roller coaster and Carowinds enthusiasts do not have to wait for the unveiling of Carowinds’s newest ride in the Spring of 2010. A web site gives visitors the chance to learn about the Southeast’s longest, fastest, and tallest coaster with details about the ride, construction progress, Dale Earnhardt, and videos of the ride.

The Intimidator – The Ride

People who are interested in statistics about Carowinds’s roller coaster that spans ten acres and is named for Dale Earnhardt will find interesting facts, such as:

Physical Length of the ride

Height of each hill

Structure and design elements

Capacity, such as the maximum number of riders per hour

Layout of the roller coaster with a diagram showing various positions on the ride

Detailed description of the trains

Information about B&M designers, who also designed Carowinds’s Afterburn (Top Gun) and Vortex

See Construction Progress of Intimidator Roller Coaster

A photo gallery offers pictures of the step-by-step construction progress of The Intimidator. Visitors of the web site can also see some of the artistic representations of the plans for the roller coaster by itself and within the Carowinds Amusement Park, which is located on the North Carolina and South Carolina border. View real time progress through a web cam and read informal updates through a blog.

Learn More About Dale Earnhardt and The Intimidator Coaster

Find out more about this roller coaster’s namesake, Dale Earnhardt, who acquired the nickname of The Intimidator. This NASCAR racing legend, who is from Kannapolis, North Carolina, was inducted into NASCAR’s Hall of Fame on October 14, 2009 with an induction ceremony planned for May 2010. Find highlights of his career as well as Cedar Fair’s news release about The Intimidator’s upcoming debut in 2010.

The ride, which lasts for 3 minutes and 33 seconds, has seven hills that represent Earnhardt’s seven NASCAR championships. The trains on the coaster are designed to look like Earnhardt’s 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo #3, but they will have open sides to allow for a more thrilling ride.

Take a Virtual Ride on The Intimidator Roller Coaster

People interested in riding The Intimidator at Carowinds can get a sneak peek through a virtual ride. Several videos are offered, including:

Point of View offers a view from one of the trains

Offride shows how the roller coaster appears from various positions on the ground

Flyaround gives strategic aereal perspectives

Train shows a 360 degree view of one train

Teaser combines several video clips with the major stats of the roller coaster

The web site offers two connection speeds. Those with slower computers may find it helpful to play the video twice if there are multiple stops in the first video. This virtual ride also gives people who cannot ride the roller coaster, such as those less then 54 inches tall and those who have heart conditions or who are pregnant.

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