Take a Ballsy Vacation to Le Cap d’Agde Nudist Resort in Europe

Le Cap D’Agde Naturist Resort gives one carte blanche to parade around in one’s birthday suit while shopping, going to a restaurant and even while visiting a hairdresser. This self-contained town has therefore been dubbed “The Naked City” and is well-known among loyal naturists as well as curious newcomers. This article unveils what it is like visiting the nudist resort, its history as well aspects to be aware of before deciding to visit the controversial paradise.

Short History of Le Cap d’Agde Naturist Resort

Agde is situated in the Languodoc-Roussillon region in the South of France bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The town is one of the most ancient towns in France and was formed out of volcanic stone from Mont Saint-Loup. The vision of building a large port at Agde belonged to Cardinal Richelieu whose death in 1642 temporarily slowed down the project. Many years later in 1969, the naturist village was developed on the east side of Le Cap d’Agde along with La Môle, La Roquille as well as La Clape. Today it is regarded as the nudist capital in the world and it continues to attract nationalities of all shapes and sizes.

The Beach at the Le Cap d’Agde Naturist Resort

Naturists have the privilege of exhibiting their bare bodies along a 2 km stretch of fine sand beaches. Although it is legal to walk around the town naked it is not obligatory as certain weather conditions can be too harsh on naked bodies. However, during summer it is necessary to shed one’s clothes along with any insecurities while on the beach. People who decide to keep their clothes on will be frowned upon and would most probably be requested to remove their clothes. During July and August there is beach activities for the children between 7 and 15 years of age such as beach volleyball and soccer. Unless one is an experienced nudist it might feel slightly unnerving to know that kids are also allowed at the resort.

Accommodation and Night Life at Le Cap d’Agde Naturist Resort

Be warned that Le Cap d’Agde naturist resort is notorious for swinging and drug use that takes place during wild evenings. During early evenings it is not unusual too see the majority of people dressed in casual clothes but one should not be surprised if it is easily discarded while dancing to the tune of a local band. There is also a shop that stays open most of the evening which rents out costumes to suit all fantasies for the various night clubs in the Naked City.

There many places to stay during a vacation to the naturist resort such as Hotel Eve, Natureva-Spa or Le Jardin D’eden, which has 65 apartments. Alternatively, one can explore the variety of hotels and apartments outside the naturist resort which is located less than 10 minutes from the resort itself. The city of Le Cap d’Agde is beautiful and has a casino, aquarium, various shops and great quality restaurants along the harbor.

Access to Le Cap d’Agde Naturist Resort and Code of Conduct

The nearest airport to the nudist resort is Beziers, located 15km away or alternatively Montpellier’s airport can be reached within 70 km. From the end of May to mid-October access at the popular French nudist resort is controlled. It is thus necessary to visit reception and fill out some paperwork before one will be given a pass to access the resort for the duration of one’s stay. Upon arrival the rules and regulations of the resort will also be stipulated such as being completely nude in the company of other naturists, not taking dogs on the beach and adhering to the speed limit.

Cameras and video cameras are also strictly forbidden, however it can possibly be overlooked during the off-peak season. The resort also emphasizes the following: “Le Cap d’Agde naturist village has striven to develop the spirit of naturism for those who love holidays in harmony with nature, by promoting self respect and respect for others in a protected environment.”

Even though the latter sounds comforting, remember that there are certain elements of Le Cap d’Agde Naturist Resort that will not suit everyone. Therefore, think carefully before planning a trip to the nudist resort. Also take into account that an experience of total nudity can do more for your mind than your body by shedding narrow-minded paradigms while being exposed to new ideas.

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