Spring Break Ski Vacation in the Rocky Mountains: March is an Ideal Month for Colorado Luxury Winter Sports Trips

Spring Break is one of the more popular travel times of the year. One clear advantage it has over Christmas holiday vacations is that Spring Break weeks are somewhat staggered; while generally falling around Easter, some Spring Break weeks don’t even overlap with others. Ski trips are great during March and even April; the weather’s warmer than over the winter holidays, and so many college students go south that there’s a little less crowding on the slopes. Luxury Travel recommends ski resorts for Spring Break vacations, and recently spoke about its advantages with Christy Sports’ corporate manager Randy England.

Spring Break Ski Vacations in the Rocky Mountains – Interview with Randy England

Luxury Travel: What are the lines and crowds like during the typical Spring Break week?

Randy England: March is the busiest month in the ski season, but that shouldn’t deter anyone from enjoying it. The weather is usually warm and sunny, and with a winter’s worth of snow, ski resorts have full access to all terrain spreading people out.

LT: Which resorts and areas do you particularly recommend for Spring Break?

RE: The larger resorts have more Spring Break activities than the smaller ones. In Colorado, try Steamboat, Copper Mountain, Winter Park, Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone, Telluride, or Crested Butte. In Utah, try Deer Valley or Snowbird.

LT: Are there any winter sports other than skiing, that you find particularly amenable to Springtime?

RE: All your favorite winter sports are in full swing in the Rocky Mountains in March. You can enjoy snowshoeing, tubing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, or something as simple and enjoyable as building a snowman!

LT: Is March the latest month you see as great for ski conditions?

RE: March typically is the warmest month with the most snowpack of any other month in the winter ski season, or Spring Break ski resort season. However, many times, the great conditions can last well into May. Unfortunately, the majority of the ski resorts do close around the middle of April.

LT: Is Christy Sports available only in the Rocky Mountain region of the US?

RE: Christy Sports is one of the largest winter sports retailers in the Rocky Mountain region, with shops at nearly every luxury resort. There is a full e-commerce website store accessible from any computer in the world. We do only supply rental equipment through our physical stores or with our ski and snowboard rental delivery division. This division is called Door 2 Door by Christy Sports.

Spring Break Ski Vacations Summary

The best luxury ski resorts in Colorado and Utah are perfect for winter sports trips towards the end of the ski sports season. A Spring Break spent in the Rocky Mountains region is bound to be fun.

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