Spooky Halloween Pics

The Halloween tradition is an ancient pagan tradition comes from Samhain. The Celtic people celebrated the festival in several countries, including Ireland, the United Kingdom, Northwestern Face, etc. The persistent and intense fear of Halloween makes your spooky Halloween more interesting and exciting.

The Turnips also takes part in the Halloween tradition, and the first Jack-o-lanterns were made from turnips. Wicce is an Old English word from which the word “Witch” is derived that means a wise woman. In earlier days, these wise women were well respected, but later on, they were treated as mean old women. According to ancient beliefs, the witches have sabbats (meetings) on the Halloween night.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the trick-or-treating started as people use to go to all houses in the neighborhood. This tradition actually came into Halloween as the poor people used to ask for small bread going one house to another, and this small bread known as soul cakes, and they used to offer prayer after getting the bread.

Check out our collection of Spooky Halloween Pics below.

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Spiders, black cats, and bats are all Halloween symbols as they are associated with witches. These animals are considered as the companions of witches, and often they are connected with bad luck. The pumpkins that are used in Halloween decoration are in orange colors, but sometimes you can also find white, green, gray, and red.

On the Spooky Halloween, the Village Halloween Parade in NYC is the largest parade in the United States. To view the parades, around 2 million people visit the place, and around 50,000 people participate in the parade. Halloween is a fun and spooky festival, and many people come to their hometowns to celebrate Halloween and All Saints Day.

The Halloween party includes macabre cutouts, gothic silhouettes, and viciously good recipes that give your guests the perfect reason to come to the party. Also, the themed Halloween decorations add more curiosity to the visitors.

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