Spooky Halloween Business Opportunities

As any good entrepreneur knows, the best business is the kind that fills a specific niche. Halloween is the perfect time to reach into your bag of tricks and pull out a little side business that will help fill the need for fear within your own community. From haunted houses to corn mazes, opportunities abound for the entrepreneur who doesn’t mind doing a little extra work outside their normal business reach once a year.

Turn Your Farm Into a Haunted House

Farmers are a great example of what can be done with a little Halloween imagination. They are getting into the holiday spirit by turning their cornfields, pumpkin patches, and spooky-looking barns into a night of fright. Some farmers have also found that the supplemental income they receive from their haunted house is just what they need to help keep their farm afloat.

Before you run out and start redesigning your barn, you should be aware that this is a full-time opportunity during the holiday season. You will need the right tools, mostly frightful decorations, to decorate your maze and barn with. For the full effect you can also enlist family members or local teenagers to dress up and jump from the shadows at unsuspecting customers.

According to the Haunted House Association, the average attraction can receive upwards of 8,000 paying guests. Depending on the amount you charge each visitor, this could easily become a frightful opportunity for years to come.

Design Corn Mazes

Of course, you don’t need a farm to get in on the fun. If you are good at plotting and planning out designs, you can always offer to turn cornfields into spooky mazes. Although there might not be much travel necessary if you live out in the country, the same cannot be said if you’re a city person. However, the money you will make should help make up for the extra time needed to get out to the field.

To get started in this business, all you will need is a way to chop down the corn for a path and a maze design. Unlike most seasonal businesses which would require your full attention for at least a month, building a corn maze is something you could manage while running another business. Although it would not make you as much money, you could easily limit your time to the days you already have available. It could just as easily become a full-time business for the month of October.

Celebrate Halloween With Murder Mystery Parties

If you’re not so crazy about the physical work that goes into creating fear, why not take a mental approach? Murder mysteries are fast becoming an opportunity for the year-round fright enthusiast. All you need is a good story, a note card with the role each person at the party is expected to play, some props to enhance the experience, and people skills.

An opportunity like this can come in two forms. Either you can write and format each party yourself or you can join on with another company, like Murder n’ Mayhem, which will provide you with the story. No matter which approach you take, these parties are sure to be hit as more people decide to turn their humdrum Halloween celebration into a spooky bonanza.

While the month of October might be your busiest season, this is also a business that could easily be run at any time of the year. The startup cost is also minimal when compared to the opportunities listed above. If you don’t have much money to work with, this is an opportunity that you could potentially boot strap until you start seeing a return on your investment.

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