Shop Early for This Year’s Hot Christmas Gifts

Nobody likes panicking, so it’s pointless to suffer such stress when the feeling can be easily avoided. Christmas is a prime example of needless panic: on Christmas Eve, malls are jammed and tempers are short as shoppers frantically try to purchase last-minute gifts.

There’s no reason to leave Christmas shopping until the very last day, and gift givers will be able to better enjoy the holiday when they aren’t fighting other shoppers for presents. Purchasing gifts ahead of time means a more relaxed Christmas and more fun for all involved. Just be sure the gifts are well hidden from curious young (and older) children.

A few tools that make holiday shopping a whole lot easier:

  1. Shopping list – Keep it in Word so it can be updated as gifts are purchased (password protect the document to keep it confidential).
  2. Great hiding place – This is important to store gifts when they are brought home.
  3. Wrap right away – if Christmas presents are wrapped as they are purchased, there is not one mad, stressful night of marathon wrapping.
  4. Have a backup plan – Every year, there are certain gifts that are impossible to find. Make sure that a backup item has been discussed to avoid disappointment.
  5. Don’t forget supplies – Batteries, screwdrivers and any other tools should be placed in a Christmas morning basket

Pre-Ordering the Hottest Toys

It’s all well and good to talk about simply getting shopping done early, but sometimes it’s not quite that easy. A lot of much-anticipated toys are not released until very near Christmas, and at that point shoppers will go wild trying to get their hands on one. This problem can be largely avoided by placing pre-orders before the item is ever released to ensure one will be reserved, and no fighting is necessary.

In years past, it was Tickle me Elmo, Cabbage Patch Kids, Beanie Babies and Furby. This year, the hot toy for young children seems to be the Zhu Zhu Pets (also known in some countries as the Go Go Pets).

If pre-ordering is not an option for a particularly coveted toy, it might be necessary to stand in line outside a store before it opens. This isn’t an option for a lot of people, so it may be a better idea to attempt to purchase from a reseller through eBay. Or, it’s always possible to wait for the craze to die down before getting the new toy.

Shopping Online

Online shopping is a great way to avoid the craziness of the mall around the holidays. Packages can be delivered straight to the door, and plenty of online stores have guaranteed delivery before Christmas as long as orders are placed before a certain time. If it’s for sale at all, it’s possible to find it online; meaning that physically going to the mall should always be a choice rather than a chore.

Early or online shopping for Christmas gifts greatly reduces stress in two ways: it frees the mind from the obligation of getting presents, and it means no time has to be spent getting into brawls at the mall.

By shopping for Christmas presents early and getting it out of the way, family members can use the holidays to have fun and appreciate time spent together.

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