Safe Christmas Gifts for Kids

With concerns in the media about unsafe Christmas toys for children, what are some safe gifts you can confidently buy that will also be creative and fun for kids this holiday season?

Shop Local

Support Main Street this year; choose local, mom and pop stores for your Christmas shopping. Smaller toy stores often offer American-made wooden puzzles, craft kits and other safe items for children. The big chain stores will make enough money this year, so why not help keep a smaller shop in business by spending some of your Christmas dollars there?


Another gift you can find in small specialty shops this year is the Webkinz craze. Webkinz are small stuffed animals (reminiscent of Beanie Babies) that have an accompanying ‘world’ online. There’s a huge variety of animals, and kids can go online and play, creating a room, decorations, clothes, etc. for their pets. There’s a wonderful Parent section on the website so you can follow your child’s progress. Kids will discover the Webkinz economy that teaches them about saving and spending money, and they interact with their friends’ Webkinz, also. A hot, inexpensive, safe Christmas toy for kids that’s also educational? Can’t beat it.

Fun Gift Certificates

Why not give kids the gift of your time and treat them to a gift certificate for miniature golf, bowling, the movies, paint-your-own-pottery, or a build-a-bear workshop? Kids get plenty of toys, but a unique gift certificate for an activity they’ll enjoy gives them something to look forward to after the holidays.

Book It!

Go old school this year and pick out books for your favorite kids! It’s so much fun to visit a bookstore at the holidays and browse the shelves for just the right book – they’re usually separated by kids ages. You could pick out a nice boxed set of fiction, a how-to book on knitting that comes with supplies, or a big, informative picture book. Older kids love the Guinness Book of World Records!

So don’t spend time worrying if those Chinese import toys will be harmful to kids, or what chemicals and magnets were used in the toys- do something different and give kids a holiday gift they’ll remember for years to come.

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