Romantic Xmas Gifts for Women – Best Christmas Presents for Her

Christmas-time is an important holiday for most people in relationships. Even when there’s not a lot of money, husbands and wives make an effort to find at least one special gift. This year, show her how much you love her by picking out the best Christmas present for her. Words of Love in a COSIMO is a one-of-a-kind present – one of the most romantic Xmas gifts for women out there.

Xmas Presents for Women

Xmas presents for women don’t all have to be romantic, but at least one loving gift to make her feel special is a good idea. You know that you love her, but you may not know exactly how to express it. While love poems are adored by women everywhere, most men aren’t comfortable composing them. The solution is simple – just choose the perfect verses from Antonio Verdi’s 18 love-poems. The love-poetry that you choose will feature in the COSIMO Words of Love gift presentation.

COSIMO – Presentation and Contents

A COSIMO box is hand-carved with a Celtic love-knot, to symbolize never-ending love. It arrives in a cardboard box, surrounded by crinkle-shreds of paper in gold and a very dark chocolate brown. The wooden box itself is heavy and solid-feeling, and very elegant. The top half of the box is removable, and fits snugly onto the bottom half.

When you remove the top of the box, you will see a scroll of aged-looking paper with a carved wooden handle at each end. If you remove the scroll, you’ll see a small slip of paper – this is a certificate of authenticity. When your loved one opens the scroll (sealed with a real wax seal) she will see a beautifully printed version of the love-poem you chose during the ordering process.

Giving the COSIMO as an Xmas Gift

The carved box and scroll are lovely, but deserve a prettier packaging than crinkle paper that looks more appropriate for a New Year’s party than romantic Xmas gifts for women. To ensure that your Christmas present for her is wrapped appropriately, remove the COSIMO box from its packaging, and place it in a smaller box with tissue, or a nice gift-bag with tissue. Either way, she’ll love her special gift!

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