Pregnant Halloween Costume Ideas – Maternity Costumes

Many times women like to dress in couples costumes. Although it can be a little challenging, there are still some fun ideas for couples. A popular costume idea is a pregnant nun and priest. Another suggestion is Tweedledee and Tweedledum from Alice In Wonderland.

For some fun, try a little role reversal. Dress as Santa Claus, (this is where the belly bump comes in handy,) and have your partner dress as one of his elves. Feeling daring and sexy? How about dressing as Adam and Eve? After all, according to the biblical story, Eve gave birth to her sons. Therefore, at some point, she had to be pregnant.

Maternity Halloween Costumes

Some pregnant ladies like to turn their tummy into a piece of art with the use of Halloween makeup. The planet Earth can be painted on the belly. Then put on a light-weight nature type robe, place some flowers in the hair, and become Mother Nature.

Are you a sports fan? If so, consider transforming that belly bump into a basketball or soccer ball. Interested in a Halloween themed costume? Put on black clothing and create a jack-O-lantern on the belly. Just about anything can be painted on the belly by turning it into a jigsaw puzzle.

Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women

If preferring an individual Halloween costume without exposing the belly, there are still some fun costume ideas to consider. Using a square shaped box, large enough to comfortably contain the belly, cut an opening for the head and arms. Paint the box to look like an oven. You now have a bun in the oven costume.

A simple white sheet can be transformed into a toga. Be sure to add some grape leaves to the hair. A sheet can also be used to make a simple ghost costume. Preferring something more humorous? Dress up in hospital gown. Secretly hide a small music player that randomly plays the sounds of a woman screaming. You’ve now become a woman in labor.

Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Pull out a pair of summer shorts, particularly one that has a pattern, and pair it with a mismatched shirt. Thrown on a bunch of jewelry, a loud summer hat, and a camera around the neck. You have now transformed yourself into a tacky tourist.

Grab a pair of dark maternity pants. Next, take an oversized white shirt and sew on different colored patches. Put some oversized men’s shoes on. All that’s left is a wig and make up to become a clown.

Although costumes are limited, there are still a lot of costume choices that pregnant women can make. Whether it’s a couple’s costume idea, utilizing the belly as the focal point, or an individual idea, pregnant women still have some fun choices for Halloween costumes.

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