Prague Travel Guides Help Plan Vacations in the Czech Republic

Prague has been called the city of a hundred spires, and is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is often compared to Paris in its architecture, café culture, and centuries old history along the Vltava River. Prague’s beauty and historic architecture have survived centuries of wars and occupations, the most recent being the Soviet occupation from 1948 until the Velvet Revolution of 1989.

Prague, the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, has an abundance of well-preserved buildings dating back to the 13th century, and has become a popular tourist destination for many Europeans and Americans. Before making the journey to Prague, wise travelers will find guidebooks helpful in both getting a sense of the layout of the city, and also the culture of the city, its people, and the country.

Travel Guide to Plan Trip to Prague

Rick Steves’ Prague & Czech Republic travel book begins with an introduction to traveling in the Czech Republic and planning the trip, with almost half the book focusing on Prague. Steves’ book also covers day trips from Prague as well as destinations farther afield. He divides the beginning with walking tours of the four tourist sections of Prague: Old Town (Staré Mesto), New Town (Nové Mesto), Little Quarter (Malá Strana), and Castle Quarter (Hradcany).

Steves’ comprehensive and easy to read book suggests how to plan a vacation depending on the amount of time available. Steves covers the traditional hot tourist spots and also gives suggestions for out-of-the-way and often overlooked cafés, restaurants and pubs which are abundant in all neighborhoods of Prague.

Prague Guide Book with Fold Out Maps

The Knopf MapGuide: Prague, a very compact book of maps, is a great accompaniment to larger, more extensive, and heavier guidebooks. In addition to the four major tourist areas, this guidebook also includes two additional areas of the city that are well worth visiting: Vinohrady/Zizlov and Josefov/Lena (the historic Jewish section).

Each portion of this guide includes a fold-out map with tourist attractions marked, and short blurbs about the attractions surrounding each map. There is also a map of the entire city in the front of the guidebook with each of the tourist areas identified, and a schematic map of the efficient public transportation system including bus, tram and subway.

Learn About Czech Culture & Customs

The Culture Shock guidebook series is a must for anyone traveling to a foreign country. Culture Shock! Czech Republic deals with the ins and outs of navigating day to day encounters with the locals and points out customs that are important to prevent offending anyone, and stresses ways of interacting that will put you ahead of other tourists in the eyes of the locals.

This compelling, easy to read and sometimes funny book is highly recommended for those who want to know about the idiosyncrasies of the country and the culture.

Plan a Vacation in Prague

These three travel guides for Prague are interesting, easy to read, and provide the essential information for planning a vacation in Prague. They are also light weight and pack easily in a carry-on bag, and the Knopf MapGuide: Prague can be a good companion for walking tours of the city.

Of course, every savvy traveler also wants a Czech language dictionary. Berlitz publishes a compact phrase book and dictionary, perfect for pocket or purse, that is divided into sections according to different travel tasks like transportation, dining out, and hotels.

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