Planning a London Vacation: How to Choose the Best London Hotels for You

The city of London is full of treasures. There is the British Museum where you can see the Rosetta Stone. The Tower of London houses the crown jewels and it is the site of the execution of two English Queens. Covent Garden in London is always fun to visit with its markets and street performances. Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross is worth a look for any Harry Potter Fan. The question is always where to stay. There are thousands of hotels in London, and it is important to find the right one for what you are wanting to do and what you are willing to spend.

Pricing for London Hotels

When you start budgeting your vacation and looking at hotel prices, remember that the currency used in London is the British Pound. If you are not all ready in the UK, make sure that you visit a currency converter website such as to get an accurate pricing on the hotels.

Location of Your London Accommodations

It may be tempting to stay at a cheaper hotel close to the airport, but you must take the transportation factor into account. If most of the sites you are wanting to see are in Central London, you could be spending the majority of your time on the transportation systems rather than sight seeing or resting in your hotel room. Try to map out what London attractions you want to see the most and then look for hotels within a reasonable distance of those sites. Also, make sure that your hotel choice is close to transportation, preferably within a few blocks of a London Underground station, or Tube as it is called. Using the Tube is a great way to get around town. Passes are easy to buy and there is a station inside Heathrow Airport.

Hotel Amenities

Many hotels may look comparable in price at first glance, but when you look at the different amenities, a slightly more expensive hotel might be cheaper for you and meet your wants and needs more in the long run than the hotel with the lower price at first glance. Many hotels do not offer a free breakfast. Eating that meal out every day of your trip could add up. Some hotels will offer free internet access, but others will charge a fee. Decide if certain things like laundry service, a swimming pool, business center, or vending is important and choose a hotel that will meet all of your needs.

Read the Reviews

Once you have narrowed down some London hotel choices, do some research and check out several different reviews. You can do this by typing in the name of the hotel into a search engine or on websites like or Fodor’s. Read what real people have to say about their experiences while paying close attention to details such as if the reviewers felt save in the neighborhood and if the hotels were clean with friendly, helpful staff.

Getting the Best Deal on Your London Hotel

Once you have made your choice, go searching for the best deal. Try several different websites such as,,, or Compare the prices and go with the lowest offer. You could even call the companies and ask them if they can beat a competitors price. Remember that it never hurts to ask for a better deal.

Before you leave on your London vacation, double check your reservations with the hotel. Ask if there are any free upgrades that might be available. Arrange your flight so that you arrive close to check in time and your flight home within a reasonable time of when you need to check out. London is a beautiful city and having the perfect hotel will help you to have the trip of a lifetime.

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