Pass Out These Treats to Turn Your Halloween Green

As Halloween becomes more commercialized, families across the country are making their Halloween more healthy and green through costume swaps, home parties, and donating their treats to soldiers. But what if you are on the giving end and want to pass out more sustainable and healthy treats? There is no need to turn off the porch light, just think of some alternative ideas that are reusable, useful, or healthier choices for the kids and the planet.

A Break from the Traditional

Candy has long been the traditional treat passed out during the holiday season. But with the increased concerns of childhood obesity, dental health, and piles of candy wrappers heading to the landfills – candy may not be the best of treats anymore! There are other alternatives to candy that involve healthier food or reusable items. These ideas will work differently with different budgets and in different neighborhoods. For example apples are more accepted by parents and considered safe to eat if the kids know you. Below are a few ideas to get you started on passing out ‘greener’ treats this Halloween.

Alternative Halloween Treats

Greener treats list:

  • Locally grown apples are delicious at this time of year. Get festive and fill a basket full of a variety of apples and have kids choose their favorite flavor.
  • Lip glosses or balms are a great choice as cooler weather is near and little lips stand a chance at needing extra moisture. Balms appeal to both boys and girls if they are in neutral flavor such as vanilla or coconut. Some companies even sell organic brands of lip balms.
  • What kid doesn’t like money? Head to the bank and ask for shiny new coins to distribute. Children love the sound of coins sliding into their piggy banks.
  • Cool looking band-aids! Children always have ‘boo-boos’ and love fun decorated band-aids to cover them up with.
  • School supplies such as pencils, erasers, small sticky notes, and glue sticks are an excellent alternative. Many times pencils and erasers can even be found in Halloween themes and can be purchased in bulk.
  • Silly shaped bracelets have become a huge fad and many makers claim there bracelets are eco-friendly and made from recycled silicone. Also, they were originally designed so that people would reuse rubber bands instead of tossing them out.
  • Try giving out seashells or brightly colored polished stones. Kids will love adding these to their collections or will proudly display them on their dresser.
  • Granola bars can be a healthy treat especially if you make them yourself or purchase them from a local health food store. Brands such as Kashi or Nature Valley are made with all natural ingredients if your only able to purchase from the supermarket.
  • Packets of organic hot cocoa are a great treat after a cool night of trick-or-treating. Buy it on-line or from your favorite food co-op.
  • Toothbrushes? Why not! With all the candy the kids may be eating parents just might appreciate a new incentive to keep the kids pearly whites clean.
  • If you must insist on passing out candy try locally made chocolates. Many mid- to large- size cities have their own chocolate shops. Or for another alternative try organic chocolate or lollipops from a health food store.

More Green Tips for Halloween

If you would like to discover other ways to make your Halloween green you can find many earth-friendly Halloween tips at The website features a wonderful array of suggestions for parents and adults to make Halloween a more sustainable, eco-friendly holiday.

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