Not Halloween Music for Kids – Dance Party Music for Adults

Some of these songs aren’t “Halloween” songs per se, but they cover an eerie and cool eclectic mix of genres. There must be something on this list that will stir a party DJ’s juices and get his blood boiling to a high enough degree that he will want to search for more songs of a similar nature.
Halloween Party Music
These songs are great but not quite lively enough to inspire dancing.
• Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult: This haunting song is, indeed, a cult classic. It is best when played really, really loud, but it also has a cool hypnotic undercurrent when played at a lower volume.
• Love or Confusion by Jimi Hendrix: As strange as it may sound to younger revelers, a gathering can never, officially, be called a party without a little Hendrix thrown into the cauldron.
• Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana: Classic Grunge Goth by another famous son of Seattle.
• Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads: This is just a great song and should be played at every party (even Christmas parties).
• Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon: Oh my God, there is just something so amazingly appealing about this talented guy. Did he leave the planet?
Warren Zevon should start to perk up the party. With enough lubricants, the kiddies may be ready to do The Monster Mash. Read about more 70s dance music.

Dance Songs for a Party
It’s usually best to signal the start of the “dance” portion of the gathering with something corny like The Monster Mash. That song always works magic and accomplishes the horrifying task of enticing reticent people onto the dance floor.
Baby Boomer Music:
• Bad Moon Rising by John Fogerty / CCR: This groovy tune is almost impossible to dance to unless one was raised in Texas, but it will bring wallflowers to the floor.
• Out of Limits by the Marketts: How can anyone have a dance party without surfer music? This song is as freaky scary as Quentin Tarantino (author’s secret crush).
• Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones: It’s a dark song about death.
• Witch Queen of New Orleans by Redbone: Listen to the Native American Indian undertones that this song exposes.
• Strychnine by The Sonics: Almost no one outside of the Baby Boomer’s Seattle Scene had ever heard of this song until it was covered by The Cramps, The Flaming Lips, and all the others. Also, check out Psycho, and The Witch (total raw garage sound).
• Superstition by Stevie Ray Vaughn: This guy was so rocking good. Stevie Wonder’s version is pretty good, too.
• In the Midnight Hour by Wilson Pickett:
All of these songs are perfectomundo for crazy rockers, but the rest of the list includes tunes for younger partiers.
Dance Music for Rockers:
• Halloween by Siouxsie and The Banshees: How did so many people miss this song on their holiday dance lists?
• Sympathy for the Devil by Guns N Roses: It is mandatory to have at least one song by Guns N Roses at any party.
• Physical (Your So) by Adam Ant: Somehow this song just seems so perfect.
• She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby: This song reminds people of creating a Frankenstein out of dead body parts.
• Devil Inside by INXS: Just don’t let that devil out, party boy.
If people don’t dance to these songs, take their pulses. See a list of 80s dance music.
Techno Music
Some people just want to go into a trance and dance. And, who can blame them?
• Don’t Wanna Fall in Love by Jane Child: Try to find the original version to use as mood music because her awesome lyrics and spooky key changes get lost in the techno-house-music remix. Another great song is Do Whatcha Do. She’s so Goth.
• I Don’t Want to Fall in Love by She Wants Revenge: More New Wave than Techno, but close enough.
• Sweet Dreams Are Made of This by the Eurythmics: Is there anyone on earth who doesn’t love Annie Lennox?
Okay, when it’s time to see who is still alive, go ahead and crank up the songs in the next list.
Songs to Wake the Dead
There are tons of Death Metal songs but they give this author a headache after a few minutes.
• Fire by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
• Teenage Frankenstein by Alice Cooper
• Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana: The world still mourns the loss of this wunderkind. It is a bittersweet sadness.
These are just some of the great party songs for the fabulous month of October. Many songs have been omitted due to space limitations, so keep looking online until just the right groove is achieved. And, start thinking about inexpensive ways to decorate the abode.

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