Make a Paper Christmas Cone

These unique decorations are easy to make and a versatile design that can be crafted from all sorts of paper. From shiny wrapping designs to old sheet music pages, the ornaments are perfect for filling with candy, Christmas greenery, miniature gifts, and other surprises.

The ornaments were a popular handmade craft used to decorate Christmas trees in the Victorian era. The modern creations are decorated with glitter, glue, sequins, and clip art, among other embellishments. Creative variations can include Asian themes and popular children’s characters.

Materials for Victorian Paper Cone

  1. one sheet of paper per cone (craft card stock, sheet music, wrapping paper, etc.)
  2. measuring tape
  3. scissors
  4. glue
  5. glitter
  6. ribbon
  7. decorations (clip art, sequins, etc.)

Sizing and Cutting the Paper

For a simple cone, just roll up the sheet of paper to form a tight tip at the bottom and rounded top; cut away the flap of paper left sticking up after gluing the cone at the seams. Cones are easy to size to create shorter or smaller cones. Cut a rectangle the desired width, then roll up the sheet of paper the same as before, trim, and glue.

To create cones heavy enough to support small presents, hard candy, and other noticeably heavy items, use sturdy paper choices like card stock, old sheet music, or scrapbooking sheets. Thin papers, like decorative tissue paper or wrapping paper, are best for supporting lightweight items, such as strands of greenery and holly or paper flowers.

Adding the Ribbon

Cut a piece of ribbon for hanging the cone on the tree, then glue one end on each side. The glue’s seams can be covered with a decorative item, such as a dried flower, sequin, or miniature bow. Two long ribbons can be cut and glued to either side, then tied together at the top to form an elegant trailing bow.

Good substitutes for decorative ribbons include a loop of lightweight craft wire, the ends curved into spirals, or a strand of Christmas tinsel garland wrapped around the mouth of the cone and looped to the opposite side to form a handle.

Decorating the Cone

Highlight the edge of the cone with glue, then sprinkle with craft or glass glitter for decoration. Add sequins, miniature flower blossoms, or swirls of glue decorated with glitter to enhance the sides of the ornament if desired.

Fill the finished creation with candy, miniature wrapped gifts (or small, real presents like earrings in a cardboard box or a mini deck of cards) or other decorations. For an old-fashioned look, tuck inside sprigs of holly and glittery pinecones; or add a modern twist, like a Chinese New Year’s comb filled with fortune cookies and a set of decorative hair knives.

Hang the finished creations on the Christmas tree as decorations or as a party favors for holiday guests.

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