Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Adults, Singles and Couples

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

With only hours to go till the party starts, try these suggestions for quick funny Halloween costumes:

  • Blackhead – Put on some dark clothing and paint your face black using either face paint or mud mixed with a little water. Pour some custard into a water bottle then when someone asks what your costume is, take a sip of custard and spit it onto the floor or even at the person if they’re not well-liked!
  • Cereal Killer – the frightening serial killer can be interpreted in many ways but an easy option is to take a miniature box of cereal or large if you have a big head, stick a plastic knife into the top and fix it to the top of the head. Use of a wig means the box can be pinned down and has less chance of falling off.
  • Ugly Mug – Find some old clothes and darken the eyes to look tired and ugly. Then just carry a china mug around, the perfect accessory to use for drinking.

Last Minute Fancy Dress Costumes for Couples

If going to a Halloween party as a two-some, here are some last minute costumes for couples:

  • Adam and Eve – this one is pretty daring but oh so easy. Find some large leaves and fix them in the appropriate strategic places to preserve modesty. A large overcoat is advisable for cold nights and a body stocking or Morphsuit is useful, if available, for more shy individuals.
  • Me and My Shadow – One person dresses in normal clothes, the other dresses completely in black and uses a black mask, mud or face paint to blacken the face. At the party the “shadow” just follows the other person around and mimics every movement. This is also amusing if the shadow starts copying other people.

Easy Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas

Still looking for easy Halloween fancy dress options? Try these:

  • Zombie – Makes holes in old clothes and rip edges on sleeves and bottoms of trousers. Put some pale make-up on the face, darken the eyes with black eye-liner and use anything with a red color tone like concentrated tomato paste, red food coloring or red lipstick to put fake blood around the mouth.
  • Scarecrow – Use hair gel to make hair stand up and stick out at funny angles. Wear cut-off trousers and a shirt with holes and torn sleeves and stuff or stick cotton wool into the holes. Use a brown eyebrow pencil to paint dots all over the face to look like freckles.

Quick Halloween Costumes

Use these quick Halloween costume ideas when panicking over what to wear to your next Halloween party. There may not be time to order Halloween wigs, masks or a professional costume but it’s still easy to pull together a home-made costume at a moment’s notice.

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