Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas: Busy Parents Can Put Together Quick and Easy Outfits for Kids

Sometimes kids can’t decide what to be on Halloween or parents run out of time to buy the ideal costume. Whatever the dilemma is, have no fear. Many last minute Halloween costume ideas can be easily fashioned with items that are readily available.

Put Old Clothes to Good Use

With some old forgotten clothes that are lying at the bottom of a drawer, some really fast, cheap costumes can be constructed. Here are a few simple outfits to try.

  • PJ Party – Throw on a pair of warm pajamas, a simple knit cap, and some slippers and it’s an instant party! If a child has a favorite blanket or teddy bear, bring it along too.
  • Nature Lover – With a green sweat suit one can easily blend in to the scenery. Quickly create a hedge costume by gluing leaves (either real or made out of construction paper) to the clothes. For a tree costume, use a brown sweat suit. Simply add a cap with leaves and branches (pipe cleaners work) and glue some leaves to the sleeves.
  • Classic Princess – A fancy dress and some costume jewelry will do the trick for this outfit. Make a crown with cardboard and decorate it with beads, macaroni, glitter, or whatever else is on hand.
  • Hobo – Boys and girls will delight in ripping up some old pants and staining a shirt for this easy costume. For an added feature, smear on some black face paint or make-up to give the appearance of dirt.
  • Scuba Diver – Just when it was safe to stash away the beach gear, out it comes. A pair of swim goggles, a snorkel, and some flippers are really all that is needed for this idea. A black sweat suit will complete the ensemble.

Creativity With Household Items

Dig out some easy to find household objects and try these costumes on for size.

  • Ghost – It’s a classic because a ghost is one of the most beloved and simplest of all spooky Halloween creatures. It is also one of the most economical costumes ever designed. Simply cut eyeholes in an old sheet and put it on.
  • Housewife – An apron, a plunger or feather duster, and an old handkerchief make an amusing outfit and can certainly be easily assembled in a couple of minutes.
  • Weather Enthusiast – To be a cloud, simply paste some cotton balls or polyester fiberfill onto an old gray sweat suit. Add a bolt of lightning or two using sturdy yellow construction paper for a fun weather effect.

Cardboard Boxes

So many ideas can blossom from a simple cardboard box. Try creating these camera-friendly Halloween costumes.

  • Calculator – A large rectangular box or a rectangle-shaped piece of cardboard with a thick string attached would be a great starting point for this easy costume. Simply glue white paper onto one side of the box and use a black marker to add numbers and math symbols. Cut out armholes and a hole for the head. For a further embellishment, numbers can be drawn on cheeks and foreheads with black face paint.
  • Game Dice – Glue circles of black or dark colored felt onto all sides of a large square box. Cut out armholes and another hole for the head, similar to the calculator costume. For fuzzy dice, add some fiberfill to the outside of the box before attaching the dots.

Take a little stress out of Halloween by assembling a costume with a few ordinary objects and old clothes. The children will be happy and the chore should be quick and easy. Even the wallet may be spared, at least until the next holiday.

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