Last Minute Cheap Christmas Gifts for Guys for Late Shoppers

Procrastinators like to wait until the last minute for everything, and those waiting until a few days before Christmas to shop for the man in their life may have some problems finding the right gift.

Even if these last minute shoppers need something inexpensive, there are still items easily available that will make the guys on their list happy. Grocery stores, department stores and even gas stations can sell things that will fill the day before Christmas needs.

Food Gifts for Guys at the Grocery Store

Even in the last days before Christmas, grocery stores are open, and have a number of things that guys will enjoy for Christmas.

  • Beer is usually a good choice for guys. Even if the fancy holiday packs are gone, a six or twelve pack can be enjoyed with the upcoming football playoffs.
  • Wine or other spirits can be a good gift. Something sparkly will fill the bill for New Years, and other unwanted bottles can be regifted.
  • Popcorn tins or fancy packaged nuts are handy in case the guy is hungry or has unexpected company.
  • Cheeses or meat trays, like salami are good snacking for guys in their mancaves.
  • Fancy coffees, particularly strong Arabica beans assist the recovery from office parties.

Last Minute Presents for Men from Department Stores

On December 24, stores like Wal-Mart and Target are still open and carry potential gifts for guys hidden away in departments like Hardware or Sporting Goods.

  • Flashlights are a decent gift, since those men who have one usually let the batteries go dead. A separate package of batteries is even more thoughtful.
  • If the person is not a handyman, basic tools can be desirable. Most men have a Phillips screwdriver that is useless because the point is worn down.
  • Books and movies on DVD are fairly cheap and enjoyable. A joke book on bathroom humor can allow a man to entertain his friends for hours.
  • Sports team clothing is a good choice, available in most stores. Stuff from NFL teams that are out of the playoff hunt is sold at a discount by Christmas Eve.
  • Sweatshirts, sweaters and gloves are good choices for a man who lives where it gets cold in the winter. For guys, it doesn’t pay to don’t buy summer gear now, since he will probably forget about it when the warm weather arrives.
  • If he is a sports fan, simple gifts like golf balls or tennis balls are cheap and available at the last minute.

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Men

In complete desperation on Christmas Eve, gift cards will be well-received, as well as movie tickets. As a last resort, many gas stations carry convenience items which you can pick up on the way to the house. Anything that he might use that he doesn’t have to pay for will be welcome.

In summary, men are not usually that particular when it comes to gifts. It’s better to arrive with unwrapped bags of potato chips and Ho-Hos than to come to the home empty-handed.

Merry Christmas!

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