Kids’ Christmas Party Activity

Organize a holiday get together with your child during her winter vacation. Throw a Christmas themed bash, and invite the whole class or neighborhood friends.

Crafty Christmas Party for Kids

If your child loves art, a craft themed Christmas party may be a perfect match. Come up with a variety of age appropriate crafts that appeal to kids with different interests. Try a mix of holiday art projects and other fun activities.

Come up with your own craft ideas, consult an art activity book, or try one of these fun projects:

  • make a Santa Claus travel map.
  • craft a cute photo Christmas ornament.
  • design Santa Claus hats.
  • make a pinecone ornament.
  • create mock snow globes.

Keep the art theme going with matching menu items. Make (or buy) plain sugar cookies and encourage the guests to design their own art in icing or sprinkles or decorate a cake with faux candy ornaments.

Christmas Sports Party

Athletically minded kids will love this sports themed holiday party idea. Whether your child is a football fan or an avid skier, this party theme can easily be translated to match his or her interests.

Instead of playing traditional sports, alter the games to match the holiday theme. For example, if your child wants to have a backyard football game name the teams Santa and Claus or design homemade jerseys with the names of the reindeer on the back. Brainstorm creative ideas with your child before choosing a specific sport.

Other party ideas include:

  • Make a Christmas obstacle course. Jump over presents or limbo under a giant candy cane made from a painted cardboard tube.
  • Have a gift wrapping race.
  • Take a group of your child’s friends to try a fun, winter-time sport such as ice skating.

Christmas Tree Decorating Party

Have the gang help decorate the family tree or celebrate the holiday with individual gift trees. Give each child his or her own mini-faux tree and age appropriate decorations. These may include small ornaments or a simple garland.

Help the guests to personalize their own trees and then display them for all to see. Have a tree decorating contest, and hand out prizes for the brightest tree, most outrageous work of art, shiniest, or the tree with the most on it.

Add in a variety of tree themed treats. Make tree shaped cookies, mini-tree cupcakes, or one large holiday cake frosted with green icing.

Celebrate the season with a fun, kid friendly holiday party. This Christmas activity is sure to create lasting memories for both you and your child.

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