Multinational children in Halloween costumes sitting together on the grass with pumpkin and look happily

Keeping Children Safe on Halloween: Safe Costumes and Parental Supervision Keep Halloween Fun

Kids of all ages love Halloween for the excitement, adventure and of course, the candy. Halloween trick or treating has some risks as well, so it is important for parents to be involved with Halloween celebrations with their children to help keep them safe. Here are a few key areas where parents can help keep their children safe on Halloween.

Increase Children’s Visibility With Flashlights, Reflective Tape or Glowsticks

Part of what makes Halloween such an exciting night is the dark, but the dark can hold dangers for little trick or treaters, especially if they are crossing the street to get from one house to another. Flashlights, reflective tape or glowsticks on kids treat bags or costumes help to make them visible to oncoming cars and other groups of trick or treaters. Parents can also keep kids safe by walking with children down one side of the street first, then crossing together at the corner to the other side.

Parental Supervision Keeps Kids Safe on Halloween

Along with ensuring children cross the street safely, parents can help keep kids safe by walking with them up to each house to ensure they don’t go inside and checking the safety of their candy at the end of the night. Parents should watch out for candy with tampered wrappers, home made candies or inedible objects such as paintballs mixed in with the candy. If your older children are going trick or treating by themselves, ask them to stay with a group of friends and avoid taking short cuts through alleys.

Safe Costumes Are More Fun

That Frankenstein mask might seem fantastic in the store, but when your child is out at night it could slip down and cover his eyes. Choosing face paint instead of masks leaves children’s faces free and allows them to see and move more easily. Likewise, make sure your child’s costume isn’t so long she might trip on it or be unable to climb stairs. Halloween is more fun when kids can see and move freely.

Treat Fireworks With Respect

If fireworks are available for sale in your area, make sure that an informed adult is responsible for making sure that all fireworks are ignited safely. Always keep children a safe distance away from any fireworks display.

With a few safety precautions, some face paint and a parent to keep a watchful eye on their kids and the candy they bring home, Halloween can be a enjoyable holiday for the whole family. In fact, it can be downright spooktacular! Have fun and stay safe this Halloween.

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