India Travel – Island Vacation in Diu: Relax on the Beaches of Diu in Gujarat

Those searching for an escape from the noise and commotion of India will find it in Diu. Far less touristy than Goa in the south, this tiny island nestled in the south of Gujarat state is the perfect place to relax. Because Diu was previously a Portuguese territory, it also offers different architectural styles and several Christian churches.

Where to Stay in Diu

Many people stay near Nagoa beach, although it can be more crowded and expensive than other spots. Diu town offers some cheaper options with closer proximity to sites. To really find a peaceful spot away from any noise and commotion, the Jallandhar Beach area is the best bet.

Diu Town

Diu town is the area located along the eastern side of Diu Island, and it is a great place to wander around. Meandering through the small winding streets reveals large brightly colored buildings (new and old) and many small colorful temples.

There are a few quiet beaches between Jallandhar beach and sunset point, as well as a few look-out points and some small temples dotting the cliffs. The Diu Fort, lighthouse, and the Naida Caves are all within walking distance. There are also several beautiful white-washed Christian churches nearby, most of which have been converted into other things (school, museum, guest house).

Those wishing to explore more of the island can rent mopeds for the day, and the lack of traffic makes it an easy ride.

Dining in Diu Town

Many of Diu’s restaurants serve fresh delicious seafood, including shark, calamari, and lobster for a great price. Several restaurants offer buffet-style seafood barbecues on designated nights for around 150 Rupees for those who sign up in advance.

Diu is also full of restaurants serving western food, for those who have grown tired of Indian fare. Some dishes that top the list in the Jallandhar area are the Italian pasta at La Dolce Vida Garden Restaurant and the baguette sandwiches at Oh Maria. Those who haven’t lost their taste for good Indian food should not miss the fresh thalis at the small Anapurna Restaurant.

Most restaurants can be easily located by following the many signs posted throughout the small winding streets of Diu town.

Drinking in Diu Town

While Gujarat is a dry state (no alcohol), it is possible and quite common to drink in Diu. This is because Diu is a union territory administered by Delhi. It is quite easy to find a bar in Diu, most of which offer cheap beer and liquor. There are several along the main road in Diu Town. Most restaurants also serve beer.

Swimming and Sun-bathing on Diu’s Beaches

Diu’s beaches are great for swimming, and many tourists enjoy laying out to get that perfect tan. Foreign tourists should be mindful of the Indian culture, however, which involves a bit more body coverage than most westerners are used to.

Weekends bring loads of Indian tourists, and Indian men are quite taken by the sight of bikini-clad foreigners at the beaches. Staring can be a bit of a nuisance, and it is far worse at Nagoa beach. Covering up a bit more can help to reduce the stares.

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