Important Disneyland Vacation Tips and Tricks: How to Get the Most out of A Trip to Disneyland in California

Disneyland in Anaheim, California can be a very fun place to visit, but the lines and crowds can also be frustrating. Some may get a bad first impression of the park because of these frustrations. However, the following five tricks learned from Disneyland expert amazedncal2 from the Disney site can help people to have a fun, relaxing, and “magical” time at Disney.<br />
Always go to FASTPASS Distribution when Possible<br />
Disney fast pass is the relatively new and easy way to get on mechanical rides. Instead of waiting one or two hours for one’s favorite thrill rides, a person can simply walk up to the fast pass distribution sites near a ride and get a voucher that can be used later.<br />
By inserting his or her park ticket into a machine, a person receives a fast pass for a particular ride at Disney. This pass will get them on to the ride faster, about an hour from when they first get the fast pass. This pass allows them to get in a much faster line on the designated ride, which can save them a lot of waiting time. Thus, instead of doing his or her waiting in line, the person can spend that time doing other fun things around the park. However, there is a limit to how many fast passes one can get, and they can only be used the same day.<br />
Avoid Certain Lands During Parades, Fantasmic, and Fireworks, and Avoid Busy Days<br />
Certain parts of Disneyland are particularly crowded during special events. Parades, Fantasmic, and fireworks are all crowd pleasers, and because they are only available in particular lands they can cause massive crowding. Thus, it is best to avoid certain areas if one is not going to attend these events. Disneyland maps can be consulted to help plan out a group’s “route” for the day. The following tips can help:<br />
During fireworks it is best to avoid most lands, but especially New Orleans Square and Main Street<br />
During Fantasmic, New Orleans Square and Critter Country should be avoided<br />
For the parade, Main Street should be avoided<br />
If possible, go on a Disneyland vacation during uncrowded months. This tip can help a family with trip planning, as during some months, like July and December, Disneyland in California is particularly crowded. Three-day weekends also often lead to extreme crowds. If a family’s work or school schedule allows, it is best to go during months or weeks that are not associated with school breaks or holidays. January and February, for example, often have very small crowds during weekdays and non-holiday weekends.<br />
Bring your Own Food and Drinks and Eat at “Unusual” Times of the Day<br />
There are some Disneyland deals around the park in terms of food and drink, like re-fillable coffee and giant cinnamon rolls, but oftentimes it is much cheaper to bring one’s own food. People are allowed to bring food and drinks into the park, so it does not have to be “sneaked” in. A good idea is to bring a backpack with some water, fruit, and other snacks for one’s family. Then the group can snack on the foods throughout the day or eat it in place of a meal at the park.<br />
Also, people have a tendency to eat at similar times of the day. Because of this, restaurants at Disney all tend to crowd up at around the same time. This problem can be solved by simply eating at times of the day that are not common for other people.<br />
For instance, people tend to eat breakfast around 9 a.m., lunch around 12 p.m., and dinner around 6 p.m. at the park. Instead, one may decide to eat breakfast at his or her hotel room (or home), and then eat lunch at 2 p.m. and dinner at 8 p.m. to avoid these crowds.<br />
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