How to Make Eco-Friendly Christmas Bows From Outdated Newspapers

Decorate your Christmas gifts this year with beautiful handmade bows. Friends and family will love receiving a present adorned with a unique eco-friendly bow, while the gift giver will enjoy the satisfaction of saving money and helping to protect the environment by reusing outdated newspapers.

What You Will Need – Christmas Bow Supplies List

Clear a decent sized workspace on a counter or table, and cover with a few sheets of newspaper. Glitter tends to be a messy medium so the newspaper will help make clean-up much easier. Gather the needed supplies listed below and have fun creating beautiful Christmas bows that will add sparkle and personality to any package.

  • Strips of newspaper – Cut thin strips, about ¼’’ wide from the newspaper. Colored pages work best, but black and white also works.
  • Can of spray adhesive – Adhesive spray is inexpensive, and can be found at any craft or discount store.
  • Glitter, sequins, and or seed beads – Can be purchased inexpensively from craft or discount stores.
  • String, twine, or yarn – For tying newspaper strips together.
  • 1 large gallon size ziploc bag – Pour glitter, or other embellishments into bag and dip bow into bag after spraying lightly with adhesive.

10 Easy Steps to Creating Inexpensive and Eco-Friendly Christmas BowsOnce you have gathered the necessary supplies together you are ready to begin creating your decorative holiday bows.

  1. Cut ¼ “wide strips from newspaper. Strips should be 16” in length.
  2. Bundle about 40 strips of newspaper and tie together in the center with a piece of yarn, string, or twine. Do not cut excess string.
  3. Pull each side of newspaper strips across the center of bow, and tie to the center. Once this step is completed it should look similar to a tied shoestring.
  4. Turn bow over, this is now the top of the bow.
  5. Gently pull and arrange loops until they make a nice rounded looking bow.
  6. Hold bow gently by the remaining straight strips and spray a small amount of adhesive onto the loops. Be careful not to use too much glue or your bow will get soggy and droop.
  7. Dip sticky bow loops gently into Ziploc bag full of glitter, sequins, or seed beads. Embellishment bag can be gently shaken to distribute glitter evenly.
  8. Remove loops from bag and shake gently to remove excess embellishments.
  9. Allow to dry overnight.
  10. Tape finished bows to wrapped packages or gift bags.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Bows are a Fun and Inexpensive Way to Decorate Christmas Presents

Purchasing ribbons, bows, and other Christmas package decorations, are all additional costs added on to the money the gift giver has already spent on the present. Making homemade eco-friendly holiday bows out of old newspapers is a fun way to offset that cost, while adding creativity and imagination to festive packages.

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