How To Host a Halloween Party: Easy Ways to Throw a Frighteningly Fantastic Bash!

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays to celebrate, and not just for children. With little expense and minimal effort, it’s easy to bring a Halloween theme to your haunted house! No matter what age you’re hosting, here are some ideas to get you on the road to a Fall-festive good time.

Spooktacular Summons: Invitations to Scare Up a Crowd

The sheer joy of receiving a well thought-out invitation is something most people can relate to. Just the visual appeal of a festive invite is welcoming, and can excite the potential guest about the upcoming scary soiree.

A quick way to make cheap Hallow’s Eve requests is to go to a local craft store such as Michaels and purchase some construction paper ( preferably in orange and black, but dark purple and green are acceptable as well) and a fun stencil or cut-out such as a witch’s hat, ghost, or obviously pumpkin. Be sure to use a silver or gold metallic pen on darker paper to assure the devilish details can be seen.

Tip: Draw patterns around the outline of the invitation for an even cuter look!

For those who wish for a less hands-on approach, check out the wide selection of holiday stationary offered at Office Max and many other stores. Just pop it into the computer, type in the details, print, and voila: instant invitation! Halloween-bordered invites, coupled with a complementary envelope and seal sticker are sure to delight.

Tip: Remember to specify whether it’s a costume party or not.

Demonic Decor

Get into the ghouly spirit this horror-day by embellishing your gathering spot with some decorations certain to spark a spooky ambiance.

Pieces of styrofoam can be cut to resemble grave markers and once painted offer a simple and bold statement. Any unused construction paper can be cut out and placed on counters and tables for an added effect.

Gory decor, colored lights, and dry ice can all be found at neighborhood Halloween super stores like Johnnie Brocks to make a suspenseful setting.

You need not spend a ton of money at the store when there are many ways to use existing items to decorate with a Halloween theme. Sheets can be put up over the windows and thrown over furniture for an abandoned look. Old pieces of wood can be placed in (unused) pathways or doorframes for a boarded-up feel.

A Candle in the Wind

Most everyone has candles in their home that they can use to help create a creepiness no one will want to leave. Especially practical is a bag of 100 tea-lights. Holiday ribbon sells at most dollar stores and looks adorable when tied and twisted around other household decor. A neat, free way to makes tables sparkle is to collect various boo-ti-ful fall-hued leaves from your yard and arrange around centerpieces.

Other fun things you may have on hand or want toget might be blacklights and blacklight accessories, glow in the dark paints and stickers, a fog machine, glow sticks, and scary sound effects and DVD’s to have playing in the background.

Freaky Food and Drinks

There are so many magazine articles and websites devoted to educating readers of fa-boo-lous receipes that it’s impossible to list them all. A classic caramel apple cut into wedges and stuck with toothpicks that have little ribbons or bows hot-glued to them is a stylish, cheap trick that goes a long way with a crowd.

Recommended Halloween drinks from DrinkSwap:

Bloody Smurfs

  • 1 1/2 oz. Blueberry Schnapps
  • 1/2 Shot ice
  • 8 oz. Cranberry Juice

Dead Hitler

  • 1 part Goldschlager
  • 1 part Jagermeister
  • 1 part Rumple Minze

Ghastly Games

It’s always a great idea to give your guests the chance to participate in the festivities. The following games from Family Fun can be altered to suit both children and adults:

  • Search and Find – Divide guests into small groups and send them out with a camera to see who can find all of the costumes on their list the fastest
  • Make a Mummy – Divide guests into groups; give them ample rolls of toilet paper and see which group can make someone a mummy the quickest…without ripping the toilet paper!
  • Another good game is Touch and Feel – Blindfold the guest; let them touch a selection of various items and make a guess at what it is. Spaghetti could be brains, olives could be eyeballs…

A Big Ending

After the show is over, it’s always a nice touch to send your guests home with a little something to thank them for attending. Since most adults don’t particularly get a lot of candy for Halloween ( though they secretly want it), a small sachet filled with candy and tied with a ribbon is nice. The same goes for caramel and candied apples. Any home baked goods are a hit and for thoses who want something different to give your guests-themed votive holders from the dollar store are cute and can be kept for years. And since you’ll already have 100 votive candles, it will be that much easier right?

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