How to Give Free Christmas Presents: Save Money on Holiday Presents by Making Gift Coupons

The gift of coupons is a great way to give free and meaningful gifts to family and friends this Holiday season. Giving gift coupons challenges you to think about what is important to the person you are giving them to. By tailoring gift coupons to the recipient, you also have the opportunity to give well past the new year.

Gift Coupon Ideas for Children

Children of all ages will love this gift that keeps giving. Coupons are also a great opportunity to give your child the power of decision making and budgeting. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Passes and Privileges

  • Stay up late pass
  • Watch a movie pass
  • Have a sleep over pass
  • Breakfast for dinner pass
  • Dinner of my choice pass
  • Don’t have to make my bed pass
  • Don’t have to clean my room pass
  • Get out of a chore pass

Food and Treats

  • Free scoop of ice cream
  • Extra dessert
  • One piece of candy

Fun and Games

  • Play a game with Mom /Dad
  • Make brownies/cupcakes with Mom/Dad
  • Decorate cookies with Mom/Dad
  • Go on a bike ride with Mom/Dad
  • 30 extra minutes of video games
  • Pitch a tent and camp in the yard
  • A day at the beach

Tap into you imagination and think about the things that truly make your child happy. Many of these coupons give the most important gift of all, the gift of your time and love.

Gift Coupon Ideas for Your Spouse or Partner

  • Breakfast in bed
  • Date Night- this can be anything of your choice; a romantic dinner for two that you prepare, rent a DVD and make popcorn etc…
  • Sleep in on Sunday
  • A night out with the girls/guys
  • Home cooked meal

Again, there are endless choices for your spouse or partner. Adult family and friends will appreciate this gift as well. Think about your friends and their needs. Do you have a friend who doesn’t have a babysitter? Give her a coupon for a night of free babysitting!

How to Make Gift Coupon Books

Making gift coupon books can be fast and easy. The choices are many and you can make it as simple or as detailed as you choose. Here are some simple ways to make a coupon book:

  1. Index Cards- If you do not have access to a computer or feel that you are pressed for time and not feeling crafty, you can simply hand write your coupons on index cards. Either staple the book together or use a hole punch and secure with ribbon or string.
  2. Stock Paper- If you are looking for a little color or interest for your coupon book, use scrap booking paper. This paper comes in a vast variety of colors and is generally a heavier gauge which holds up over time. You can either hand write the coupons or use your computer to design and print.
  3. Templates- Many computer programs have templates for projects like this. Additionally, there are websites that offer create and print projects such as these. The American Greetings website is an example, and for a nominal fee, you have access to templates for projects and much more like free greeting cards.

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