How to Create a Christmas Scrapbook: Preserve Holiday Memories in a Festive Seasonal Album

A Holiday album can be compiled, displayed each year, and then added to as each Christmas passes.

Getting Started on a “Christmas Memories” Scrapbook

  1. Let family members know you are creating a Holiday scrapbook and request copies of their Christmas pictures. If possible, visit them and select the photos you wish to include in your festive album.
  2. Plan to spend an afternoon sorting through loose pictures and going through photo albums to find pictures of Christmases past. Vintage photos can add greatly to the look of a family Christmas scrapbook.
  3. Gather other items you’ve saved through the years, such as cards and letters or other Holiday mementos you want to include in your Christmas scrapbook pages.
  4. Type and print off captions with the names and ages of people in the photos, the home or place where the pictures were taken, and other details, such as funny or touching incidents that occurred during the Holidays. Fix the captions below the pictures.
  5. Collect any loose pages containing the words to Christmas carols, such as those given out at churches or at other Christmas events.

Materials Needed for a Christmas Scrapbook

  1. One or two large scrapbook albums with durable plastic sheets to protect keepsakes
  2. An indelible marker
  3. Glue
  4. Christmas cookie cutters
  5. Colored paper
  6. Wrapping paper
  7. Saved gift labels
  8. Christmas stickers

Creating a Holiday Album–Christmas Scrapbooking Ideas

  1. Starting with the first page of the album, mark the year at the top with the indelible marker.
  2. Include photos and add captions underneath. Glue these into the Holiday scrapbook.
  3. Add Christmas cards or letters.
  4. Include invitations and event markers such as carol sing-a-longs, Christmas concert tickets or church activity notices
  5. Using Christmas cookie cutters, trace holiday designs onto the colored paper and onto the wrapping paper (trace Christmas trees, Santa Claus, candy canes, bells or gingerbread men). Cut these out and use them to decorate Christmas scrapbook pages.
  6. Add gift labels containing names of family members.
  7. Place stickers throughout Christmas scrapbook pages for a festive look.
  8. Continue, adding photos and keepsakes for each year until you’ve used all your photos or you come to the end of the album. If necessary, depending on the number of pictures and keepsakes, start another Holiday album.
  9. Entitle the front of the Christmas scrapbook cover “Christmas Memories” and underneath, include the years the album encompasses.
  10. Some families add a typed description of each Christmas: who visited, who phoned, who came for Christmas dinner.
  11. At the very back of the Christmas scrapbook, add a large envelope. Use this envelope to store Christmas carols. The words are now handy and carols can be sung whenever desired.

Heartwarming Scrapbooking Touches

  1. Include children’s letters to Santa
  2. Type off inspirational Christmas quotes on cardstock

Cover a small table with a decorative cloth and place the Christmas Memories scrapbook on it. The Holiday scrapbook can be placed in an entryway or foyer, next to the Christmas tree or on a mantle.

Why a Christmas Scrapbook is so Special

  • Starting a Christmas scrapbook when your children are small can help to preserve early Christmas memories.
  • A Holiday scrapbook can be added to each year. Collecting the latest momentoes and adding them to Christmas scrapbook pages is such a nice way to end the Christmas Season.
  • Christmas scrapbooking is an enduring family project, a tradition that continues indefinitely.

Take a trip down memory lane by creating a Christmas scrapbook–a record your family will treasure for years to come.

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