Hot Halloween Costumes for Women – Sexy Sailor, Wonder Woman, Etc

On the other hand, dressing a bit too scantily in a crowd of alcohol imbibing morons is not advised unless you are with a date, or at least with your entourage. Let’s take that back. Girls may not be watching their girlfriends’ backs as much as a male chaperone with a vested interest in you and your reputation.

Sexy Sailor Girl

This is a great sexy sailor girl costume for a flat-chested girl with long sexy legs. It’s only $42 at However, the purchase includes only the dress and the hat. That means you will want to buy the fabulous white over-the-knee socks and the cute shoes separately. So, always double-check what you are getting for your money. It’s not easy to find red, white, and blue pumps for $34.99 on October 30th.

  • Here is another way to embellish the same type of sexy sailor costume. Wear white knee socks with rock-and-roll shiny maryjane platforms.
  • This Sexy Seafarer Adult Costume is good for a well-endowed woman.

Sexy Cheerleader Costume

Check out this cheeky Sexy Football Cheerleader Costume, but don’t forget your push-up bra. Your guy is definitely going to want to make the catch, run it into the end zone, then go for the point after. This dress makes half of a great couples costume if your guy wants to be the receiver or the referee. Pigtails are a nice touch.

Not every girl can pull off this cute Adult Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Costume, but if you have the abs and the silicone, you’d better do the outfit before you get to halftime. This iconic American image has been burned into the brains of all straight men.

Indie girls may find the Gothic Cheerleader outfit more fulfilling. Those real-life cheerleaders can be such witches.

Hot Vampire Costume

Another great look is a Women’s Sexy Vampire Costume. One nice thing about this fancy dress costume is that the frock is a stretch knit dress. And, that belt is kind of cute for clubbing. Look for some vampire Goth boots and ask your dentist if he will fix you up with a better (more realistic) set of fangs. has Spiderweb Fingerless Gloves for $3.99.

Here’s a fine vampire costume with more coverage. It’s meant to highlight your shapely legs.

This Women’s Vampire Costume Gown is better for women over 40 or over 50 who aren’t related to Cher, though any 20-year-old could rock this less-revealing, more-intriguing outfit as well. This fancy dress costume could make interesting party wear for a year-round Goth. And, the corset front will help every girl get the right fit.

Sexy Cowgirl Outfit

Sometimes, a girl can make her own costume and this Sexy Cowgirl Fringe Costume could be used for DIY inspiration. However, be aware that it might cost more than $26.99 to drive all over town to assemble the materials for the faux leather fringe, but some chicks are happier to have something that’s custom made. On the other hand, a cowgirl outfit will need more than fringe and chaps, so you may have your hands full with finding the perfect cowboy hat, jeans, and cowgirl boots.

  • This Red Hot Cowgirl Costume looks like something people in the hill country would wear to Walmart. It’s an all-purpose investment piece for some.
  • The Rhinestone Cowgirl Costume is big on style and very wearable for all ages. This Dale Evans’ dress does make you wonder if any company makes over-the-knee cowgirl boots or garter belts with little horseshoe buckles. Check out because you never know what those crazy creative people might have come up with.

Adult Wonder Woman Costume

Almost any gal who likes to wear bikinis will look cute in this Wonder Woman Costume, though she might want to pump iron a few days before her party. Add a few Wonder Woman discs to the queue to prep yourself on how to act like everyone’s fave fashion-super-hero-babe.

  • Here is another Wonder Woman with more coverage. Blondes should remember to look around for the right wig to complete this ensemble.
  • Females who want footwear that’s more substantial should look around for something like these red go-go boots. Plastic boot covers are okay, but they’re nothing special.

Hopefully, these ideas will get you in the mood to evaluate your body shape in a full-length mirror and take the plunge. For some girls, Halloween is more fun than Christmas. The presents aren’t as good, but the fashion is much more exciting.

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