Homemade Halloween Frankenstein Piñata

Piñatas are festive containers, filled with small treasures that are released when the container is bust open. The Aztec Indians, the first known makers of the piñatas, created clay pots which were broken to spill forth a variety of treasures in honor of their war-god, Huitzilopochtli. In the 1600s, the piñata came to North America, courtesy of the Spanish Conquistadors who had discovered the Aztec Indian tradition is Spain. Piñatas have remained a part of the North American culture as a popular activity at children’s parties. Today, a themed piñata hangs just out of reach while blindfolded children attempt to hit the moving container with sticks to release the fun treats inside.

For children of all ages, Halloween parties are a time for make believe, dress up, candy, games and fun. Piñatas are popular Halloween party activities, turning spooky Halloween characters like Frankenstein into a fun kid’s game. Store bought Halloween themed piñatas can be on the expensive side and this does not take into account the cost of candy and small toys that it takes to fill the piñata. This Halloween Frankenstein piñata cuts the cost and gives the kids the ability to be as creative as they wish!

Halloween Frankenstein Piñata Supplies

  • Large variety of small treats
  • Large brown paper bag
  • Stapler and staples
  • Washable paint/finger paint in green, black and white
  • Paint brushes
  • 2 Popsicle sticks
  • Newspapers
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • All-purpose flour
  • Hole puncher
  • Long pieces of string or rope

Halloween Frankenstein Piñata Instructions: Younger Kids

  1. Fill the large paper bag with individually wrapped candies and small toys. These treats should be packed into the bag as much as possible, keeping the bag’s square shape intact. Leave two inches of free space at the bag’s opening.
  2. Bring the two sides of the bag’s open end together and fold in down two times. Staple the bag closed across the flap, creating a row of staples from corner to corner. This is the top of Frankenstein’s head.
  3. Time for the fun part! Let the kids create their version of Frankenstein. They can paint Frankenstein on both sides of the paper sack. Another option is to paint his face on one side and paint the backside black, representing Frankenstein’s hair. For even more creativity, the kids can paint Frankenstein on the front of the bag and any other Halloween character or symbol on the backside of the bag. Washable or finger paints work best. Other types of paint will harden too much, making it difficult to bust the pinata.
  4. Paint the two Popsicle sticks white and allow to dry.
  5. Let the paint dry completely. This piñata is exceptionally thin, making it easy for smaller children to tear through the bag to release the treats inside.
  6. Use the hole puncher to cut three holes across the bag’s flap, one near each corner and one in the center. Thread the string or rope through each of the holes, ensuring that the rope is evenly distributed with the rope’s length extending evenly out of each of the corner holes. The two long ends will be used to raise and lower the rope, according to the kid’s height.
  7. Use the stapler to attach the rope to the bag. To make sure the rope doesn’t free as the children hit the piñata, staple the rope to the bag from corner to corner.
  8. Paint over the staples and ropes with black paint so it blends into Frankenstein’s hair.
  9. Slide one white Popsicle stick into each side of the bottom of the piñata.

Halloween Frankenstein Piñata Directions: Older Kids

  1. Follow steps one and two in the piñata directions for younger kids. The next part gets messy so place several newspapers down at your work area.
  2. Cut the newspaper into long strips, about one inch in width. The size of the paper bag and the amount of paper mache layers you wish to create determine the amount of strips that is needed.
  3. Create a paper mache paste by combining three cups of flour to six cups of water in a large bucket or bowl. Mix well.
  4. Completely coat a strip of newspaper in the paper mache mixture. Place the strip vertically onto the treat-filled paper sack. Repeat this step over and over until the entire bag is covered in paper mache strips. Remember, the more layers of strips that are added, the harder the piñata will be to bust open. Once completed, allow the paper mache piñata to dry for several hours or until the newspaper strips are dry and firm.
  5. Complete the Halloween Frankenstein piñata by following steps three through nine in the younger kid’s instructions.

Now, the Frankenstein piñata is completed and ready to hang for a lot of party fun! There are two ways to hang your complete Halloween piñata. Tie the two pieces of rope extending out each side of the Halloween piñata to a tree limb, within the children’s reach, of course. Another way is to loop the piñata over a tree limp or other elevated object and use the rope to move the piñata up and down to make it harder to strike.

Kids and adults alike will not only love creating this Halloween Frankenstein piñata together but will love taking turns trying to bust open the bag to release the yummy treats inside!

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