Homemade Halloween Costumes Made from a Box: Unique Cardboard Box Costume Ideas for Kids and Adults

Reusing cardboard boxes is a perfect way to have an environmentally-friendly Halloween costume that is also inexpensive and easy to make. Try these 5 ideas for homemade cardboard box costumes for kids or adults this year.

Chest of Drawers Halloween Costume

Becoming a piece of furniture this Halloween is easy with a large, empty cardboard box. Paint the box brown, with black lines to delineate where the drawers are. Add handles bought from the hardware store (easy to find for under $1 each). Remove the backing a glass from a large picture frame, and superglue frame over the head hole cut in the top of the box. It will look like the costume-wearer’s head is simply a picture atop the dresser.

Rubik’s Cube Halloween Costume

A Rubik’s cube costume is a perfect way to use a large box with sides of roughly equal dimensions. With a pencil, divide each side of the box into 9 squares. Paint each a different color (traditional Rubik’s cubes colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and white.) When the box has dried, paint black lines to separate the squares from each other.

Oven and Stove Halloween Costume

A really unconventional and clever Halloween costume idea is an oven and stove costume. Paint the box white. Paint details like an oven door and knobs on the front (for extra visual appeal, use actual stove knobs and cut a flap that opens and closes for the door). On the top, make four tinfoil coils to represent burners and attach them the the top – just make sure to leave enough room for a head hole.

TV Halloween Costume

Making a television set costume is easy with a large box. This costume will be modeled after the older-style TVs with knobs and set-top antennae. Paint the box brown and add a black screen. Add volume and channel knobs beside the screen. Use tinfoil to craft a set of “rabbit ear” antennas to attach to the top.

Slot Machine Halloween Costume

Going as a Vegas-style slot machine is simple with a reused cardboard box. All it takes is some paint and artistry to create the three columns of cherries on the front. Beneath the costume, wear a long-sleeved shirt that matches the base color of the slot machine and a red glove, and raise the arm at a 90 degree angle with the fist balled up to represent the handle. This is a unique and cheap Halloween costume to make.

Using a cardboard box that’s lying around the house for Halloween is a wonderful idea. Boxes make for inexpensive Halloween costumes that are also environmentally friendly costumes, too. Save money and reuse household items with one of these creative box Halloween costumes this year.

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