Healthy Halloween Candy

Halloween 2017 is right around the corner and everybody is scrambling to get candy and treats for their various visitors. In the midst of finding your candy for Halloween, there is a huge childhood obesity problem in this country. However, there is nothing to fear this Halloween as the awareness of childhood obesity has risen and healthy alternatives to the usual junk we feed our children are readily available.

Children are not likely to look at the back of their treats for nutritional facts. Therefore, it is the parents of those children who bear the responsibility of taking a look into the bags of candy their children will bring home this Halloween season.

A List of Healthy Halloween Candies

Trick or treat? Well, Big Food gives us both trick and treat, don’t they? Big Food companies hide a variety of horrific ingredients to their “treats.” Here is a list of Halloween treats that you can put into the bags of child trick or treaters who are fortunate enough to have visited your home this season for a healthy snack:

  1. Dark chocolate (instead of milk chocolate): Now, as a rule of thumb, the darker the chocolate, the better. However, we are talking about kids here! Opt for chocolate sweets that are made from natural sugars rather than those that are made with “high fructose corn syrup.”
  2. Trail mix it up: Everybody loves a good mix and Halloween trick or treaters especially do. Throwing in a lot of trail mix will definitely hurt your wallet. Therefore, the choice is yours – weigh the costs against the benefits. Think about who you will be benefitting (kids) and swipe that credit card.
  3. Pretzels: I don’t know if pretzels are a good, wholesome, snack. However, common sense will tell you that pretzels are better than M&Ms. You can go to your local supermarket (I recommend Costco) to add a nice variety to your treat list.
  4. Crayons: No, these are not for consumption. However, instead of the traditional candy and sugar fix we give our children on Halloween, let’s give them something productive this year. Crayons are used in art and art sparks the creativity in children. Because children are expecting candy on Halloween, have some on standby in case you run into a problem child who is pressing you for the goods!

I hope this list has assisted in any efforts to end this country’s horrific child obesity epidemic. Every little bit counts. Happy Halloween!

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