Happy Halloween Sticker

Halloween is a time of superstition and celebration. In the USA people celebrate Halloween in the month of October, and they celebrate life and death, prosperity and scarcity. To make your Halloween time a little more fun, then you should get these printable worksheets and use it as teaching resources. These educational games such as “The pumpkin Sum Game,” also you can find apprehension poems and passages for Halloween reading. Also, you can find several craft activities on the internet that you can download a moving paper Frankenstein monster and a Halloween Diorama kit.

Halloween Bingo: In this activity, you can cut and color the symbols of Halloween, and stick them on the bingo board and play.

Halloween bingo game is a fun game that children can play at Halloween parties, school, or at home with their friends and siblings. It is also a game that improves the listening and teaching skills. To play this game, you need:


– Bingo Board, blank ones, one per student

– Halloween picture squares, one full sheet per student

– Glue and Scissors to cut the picture square and stick them on the board

You can have more fun with Halloween activity pages that you will find on our website.

Check out our collection of happy halloween sticker below.

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Halloween Scavenger Hunt: This activity teaches the students all the fun facts of Halloween. The kids will learn about the facts while having fun. They will learn about the biggest Jack `o` lanterns, which weighs over 1,000lbs, or they will be curious to know why these pumpkins are in red, yellow, green, or blue colors. This activity is the perfect way to teach the children with more interesting facts about Halloween.

Pumpkin Sum Game: This worksheet is perfect for 1st-grade students. You can print the pumpkin-shaped game board. Ask the children to color the adjacent pairs of numbers, and it will add up to fifteen. If they paired most colored shapes, then they can win a prize.

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