Halloween Tablescapes: Ghosts and Goblins

Creating a Halloween centerpiece is easy and festive. Inspired by Sandra Lee and Martha Stewart, these ghosts, witches, and scarecrow tablescape ideas are perfect for the entire month of October or for a Halloween celebration.

Ghosts Centerpiece

This is perfect for any Halloween party, and can be made creepy or slightly spooky.

Items needed:

  • 1 black table cloth
  • Cheesecloth, ripped
  • 1 clear or black cake stand
  • 1 plain white vase
  • 1 paint brush and black acrylic paint
  • 1 black cupcake holder
  • 3 white different sized pumpkins
  • 3 white, black, or orange candles
  • 1 bouquet of dead flowers
  • 1 can black spray paint


  1. Place the black table cloth over the table, and put the ripped cheese cloth on top of it.
  2. Lay dead flowers on old newspapers, outside, and spray with black paint (wear gloves and mask if needed). Let dry completely before placing in vase.
  3. Paint the white vase with black flowers, dots, leaves, or eyes and a mouth. Place the vase in desired spot on the table, and put the flowers in.
  4. Paint a ghost face on each pumpkin. Place opposite of vase with large in back and smaller two on either side or in front.
  5. Put the cake stand in the center of the table, with a (or all 3) candle on top. Be sure the stand is sturdy.
  6. Set food on the table, and for the cupcake holder place ghost cupcakes in the holders.
  7. Place food where desired, and prepare for a party.

These items can be used around the house during the month of October. Just to add a touch of Halloween throughout the home.

Graveyard Ghost Centerpiece

Using some of the same materials that were used for a ghost centerpiece, turning a table into a graveyard for a party is very simple. As well as fun.

  • 1 white pumpkin
  • 3-5 gourds, different shapes and sizes
  • Black and white spray paint
  • black and white acrylic paint
  • 4 black luminary bags
  • 4 flameless tealight candles (available on Amazon and craft stores)
  • 1 cemetery kit (available at Party City)
  • 1 pack of spider webs and some spiders
  • White table cloth
  • Black lace, cut to go over the tablecloth or to be used as a table runner


  1. Spray paint the gourd black or white, outside on old papers. Let dry completely.
  2. Paint ghost faces on the gourds and pumpkin (pumpkin can be carved into a ghost if wanted). Let paint dry.
  3. Place white tablecloth on table and black lace on top.
  4. Put the grave stones from the cemetery kit on the table as desired, and the painted gourds around the tomb stones (this would be great in the center of the table).
  5. Place the pumpkin towards the left back corner of the table.
  6. Pull out the spider webs and string throughout the gourds and tombstones. Place a few spiders in them.
  7. Using small scissor, cut ghost eyes and mouths in one side of each luminary. Place on table with tealights inside.
  8. Put food around the table as desired.

To add more character to this graveyard scene, create a graveyard cake with Oreos as tombstones and autumn colored sprinkles as fallen leaves. Instead of using luminaries, use Halloween lights around the table, and put leaves from outside around the pumpkin and graveyard scene.

These ghostly centerpieces are fun to create. The items are available throughout the autumn season online, in stores, and at most craft stores. Best of all, they turn the table and room into a Halloween decoration.

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