Halloween Pirate Costumes for Kids: Boys and Girls Outfits

Famous Boys Halloween Pirate Costumes Ideas for Kids

  • Blackbeard: A tall, heavily built man with a long, black and braided beard. Witnesses described him as extremely intimidating. Although there is little information about him, his distinctive look is ideal for a boy’s Halloween costume idea. He died in a fierce battle with lieutenant Maynard and his troops back in 1718. A subsequent inspection of his corpse revealed 25 wounds, including 5 gunshots.
  • Jack Rackham. More renowned for his female crew members and brightly coloured clothing, especially given that most of his attacks were on small vessels. This children’s Halloween pirate costume is sure to attract attention due to the colorful, eccentric look. After being convicted for acts of piracy, his crew were hung in 1720. His gibbeted body stood as a deterrent to others at Deadman’s Cay, near Port Royal.
  • Henry Morgan. A vice admiral to over fifteen ships during the war with Spain. Rather than sharing his treasures with the government, he realised that he could attack on land as his contract didn’t cover this. His excessive drinking led to his death in 1688. Despite his pillaging, he was never imprisoned. This Halloween pirates costume for children is sure to add a touch of class and refinement.

Famous Girls Halloween Pirate Costumes for Kids

  • Anne Bonny: A fiery lady who was an accomplished fighter and thief. Despite dressing up as a man, she’s arguably the most famous lady pirate. A girls pirate costume idea for Halloween with a real difference as he was really a she. Anne Bonny was renowned throughout the Caribbean for her attacks on fishing vessels and merchant ships. Information regarding her death continues to be a source of mystery and speculation.
  • Mary Read: Following the untimely death of her husband, she returned to her favored life as a pirate. This pirate costume for girls was so good that other fierce pirates were unable to tell her true gender. Most never knew. Mary became a part of Jack Rackham’s crew and was later tried for acts of piracy. She didn’t survive long enough to be hung as she picked up a virulent fever and died in her prison cell.

Selecting the Best Pirate Costumes for Children

There are many great Halloween pirate costumes for kids available from stores and online merchants. The more popular pirate kids costumes, including the fictional Captain Jack Sparrow, should be ordered as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment. They regularly sell-out fast.

To add fun when choosing a boy or girls pirate costume for Halloween, perform some research on pirates. The history of pirates and the various stories about acts of piracy are not only entertaining, they provide a fascinating shared activity with your son or daughter.

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