Halloween Party Games for Older Children: Halloween Ideas for Party Planning

In most cases, planning a party for young children is fairly simple. They are easily fascinated and amused. However, older children can be a slight more difficult in gaining attention and interest. Planning a Halloween party for a group of “tweens” involves finding age appropriate activities that will not make the children feel insultingly young or be too aggressively over their maturity level. Spark the Halloween spirit in the group with these children’s Halloween party games.

Horror Movie Screaming Contest

All children love to be loud. Girls, especially, love to scream. Bring out the scary movie specialists among the crowd with a horror movie screaming contest. Ask participants at the kid’s party to give their best scary movie screech. Ask listeners to vote or for more fun, video tape the screams and play them back to hear the best squeal.

Glow Stick Relay Race

Bring out the sports fans in the group with this relay race. Divide the children into equal teams. Have one child on each team carry a glow stick and race to the second team mate. The children pass the stick and the race continues until all members of the team have raced. The last member of the team must cross the finish line first for the team to win. This game is great fun in a darkened area where the glow stick can be seen. However, ensure that safety comes first. Clear the paths and allow enough light for the children to see when they run.

Mummy Race

For this party games, divide the children into teams. One child on each team should be the mummy. The other children wrap the mummy in toilet paper from head to toe, leaving an open place for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Once the mummy is wrapped, he or she tries to race to a finish line without breaking the toilet paper. The first team that has a mummy child to the end without tearing off the mummy wrap wins.

Pumpkin Seed Spitting Contest

Fair contestants spit watermelon seeds, so why can Halloween contestants not spit pumpkin seeds? Give each child a clean pumpkin seed and ask him or her to spit it as far as possible. Use a marker to indicate how far the seed went in distance. The child with the furthest seed from the starting point wins.

Children of all ages can enjoy a Halloween party. Making a kid’s Halloween party successful all depends on age appropriate games and fun. For older children, choose games that involve more challenging tasks, yet will also keep them laughing.

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