Hallowe’en Knitting: Easy to Make Vampire Bat

Hallowe’en is approaching fast, and in the UK it’s half term too. This knitting pattern for a vampire bat is easy to make and can be hung from a thread, pinned on as a brooch or used as a table decoration. Experiment with larger squares for a bigger bat, although if you do this, you may need to brace the wings with craft wire.

Knitted Vampire Bat

They’re fun to make as a simple craft project, but can also be used to accessorise a Hallowe’en fancy dress outfit or to decorate the house for a Hallowe’en party (the knitted owls are another easy to make spooky accessory). All these items are quick and easy to make, need only basic knitting know how and have the added advantage of being washable, unbreakable, re-usable and inexpensive!

Head and Ears (Make One)

With dark coloured double knitting wool and 3mm needles, cast on twenty stitches and knit in stocking stitch until you have a knitted square (about twenty five rows, but this depends on the tension of your knitting and the exact weight of you wool. The important thing is that your piece of fabric makes a triangle when folded in half corner to corner). Cast off.

Fold your square in half with the wrong side (purl side) out, corner to corner to form a triangle. Sew the corners together and sew the side seams about two thirds of the way up on each side. Lightly stuff the head with washable polyester stuffing. Finish the remaining third of the side seams to complete the head shape, leaving the corners free to make the ears (see illustrations).

Finish the head with two red sequins for eyes and a small button or embroidery for a nose. You can either embroider the fangs (best if the bat is to be given to small children) or use white plastic. I used one piece of snowflake wedding confetti and trimmed the centre of the snowflake to form the fangs. The spokes gave really good fixings onto the bat’s face!

Bat’s Wings (Make Two)

With 3mm needles and DK wool, cast on fifteen stitches and knit a square as described for the face and ears (i.e. a piece of fabric that makes a triangle when you fold it over). Cast off. Make two of these.

With 3mm needles and DK wool, cast on ten stitches and knit a square as above. Cast off. Knit two of these as well.

Fold one of the bigger squares into a triangle with the right side (knit side) out and sew up all of one side seam and about two thirds of the second seam. Put to one side.

Fold one of the smaller squares in half with the right side (knit side) out and sew up both side seams.

To assemble the wing, slip the point of the small triangle into the gap in the seam of the large triangle and sew in place.

Repeat with the other pair of squares.

Assemble Your Bat

Sew the wings onto the centre back of the bat’s head, catching the points of the large triangles at the centre back of the bat’s head and then attaching the wings securely to the head so that about a quarter of each large square overlaps the head at the back (see illustration).

Make lots for a bat mobile or eerie Hallowe’en window or table decorations.

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